Kewal Tum 28 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani’s heartfelt request to Ranveer

Kewal Tum 28 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani’s heartfelt request to Ranveer

Kewal Tum 28 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Suhani’s heartfelt request to Ranveer

Only Tum 28 April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Suhani telling Ranveer to please go for her. He stops her and refuses. He says we have to go to that house, we can’t give up, we have to spend our life together, let go. He takes her. Rakesh and Sudha come to Vikrant’s house. They look at Vikrant. Bau ji asks them to come. Rakesh asks Ranveer and Suhani. Bau ji says I will tell you, come, we worshiped him for his safety. They all pray for Ranveer and Suhani. Ranveer catches Suhani and takes her away.

They enter the house. Ranveer asks Suhani to take a deep breath instead of closing her eyes. He tells her not to sleep. He tries to put out the fire. Ansh, Riya and the police are looking for them. Ranveer asks Suhani to explain the definition of hypothermia. He says I will not let anything happen to you, Suhani. He takes care of her. Only you….play…they smile.

Inspector says we should go now, weather is bad, we will continue search tomorrow. Riya asks how can we leave them, we will not go till we get Ranveer. She cries. Ansh asks her how can she talk to the inspector like this. He says sorry. Inspector says it is dangerous to stay here after dark, wild animals also come. Riya cries. Ranveer and Suhani fall asleep. Its morning, a little girl Nia wakes them up and says I’m Niya, you are a doctor, fine. Suhani says yes, how do you know. Nia says God told me. He asks where do you live. Nia says on that side of the mountain, I have come to pick you up, my dad is sick, you have to come with me and treat him, I was sleeping, then I came to know that I will get doctors on the other side of the mountains, so I I have come to find you She gives them kava. She asks them to take it, they need it more. Ranveer and Suhani drink kava. they smile. Nia says I have come to pick you up, come with me soon, otherwise how can my father get treated. She takes them with her. Ansh and Rhea reach there and do not see them.

Riya says you don’t want to find Ranveer, you consider him as enemy. Ansh says he is my brother, Suhani is my wife, I am also worried. He says then help me to find Ranveer, I love him. Nia takes Ranveer and Suhani to her house. Nia’s mother hugs her and asks her not to go anywhere without informing her. She asks who are they. Nia introduces him. The lady asks them to come inside and change clothes, else they will catch a cold. Nia says you were sleeping, so I went to take doctor for dad. Ranveer and Suhani come dressed in Kashmiri clothes. Ranveer smiles seeing Suhani. Sirf tum…..khela hai… The lady asks are you really a doctor. Ranveer says no, we are medical students, we can help you. The lady says wish you treat Sajjad, God has sent you to perform a miracle, come. They go and see Sajjad in pain. The lady says his hand got cut while cutting the forest, we could not go to the doctor for treatment, I am sure he will be fine now. Ranveer checks the man. They say the patient’s condition is critical, he has lost a lot of blood, we have to start the treatment now, Suhani has started the treatment. She freezes and looks at him. He reiterates his point.

Ranveer and Suhani sing, dance and romance in the fields. She says sorry to misunderstand you, I want to tell you something, I love you. Ranveer held his face. Only you….plays…Ansh comes and takes her away from Ranveer.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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