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Kewal Tum 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranveer came to meet Suhani

Only Tum 27th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TeleUpdates.com

Episode starts with Roshni telling Mamta that she is looking good in jogging clothes. They come into the room and see the room renovated by Riya. Rhea says that she has done this for him to make the space happy. Mamta says it is time for her medicines. Rhea says she will give him dance therapy. Roshni says that Suhani was making Mamta sick with medicines. Rhea says Suhani is in first year, but I am in fourth year. She takes their mobiles and keeps them. Mamta says she has high BP, she will join him if she feels good. Riya and Roshni dance. Ranveer calls Mamta. Riya sees the call, turns the phone and puts it back. Ranveer calls Dadu and asks why Maa and Suhani are not picking up the phone. Dadu asks her to take rest and tells that Rakesh came and took Suhani back. He says that Ansh must have gone to Rakesh’s house, and did something. He says your father asked Suhani to leave, and he brought Riya home. Ranveer says I had given responsibility to Suhani, she should not have gone. He says call mom.

Nikki gives turmeric milk to Ansh. Rakesh brings Suhani there. Ansh says that a father might feel bad seeing his daughter suffocate, and tells Rakesh that he did the right thing to bring her out of that cage. Dadi says you had taken Suhani captive. Suhani asks what are you doing here? Kamini says Ranveer beat Ansh. Nikki tells that Ranveer sent goons shouting at her and then Ansh saved her. Suhani says Ranveer cannot do this, and tells that it is Ansh’s trick. She says you started doing what you did in Kashmir. Nikki says that she was beaten up by the goons. Sudha says that she can also get beaten up by goons for her own purposes. Kamini says Suhani is still praising Ranveer. Dadu knocks on the door and asks Mamta to open the door, as Ranveer wants to talk to her. Nobody listens to him. Ranveer asks why the music is loud and asks who is dancing. Dadu says it was Riya’s idea, in some form of music therapy. Ranveer accuses Suhani and then tells Dadu that fast music and dance can increase mother’s BP and heart rate.

Ansh asks Suhani to sign the papers. Suhani asks what is this? Ansh says I will not hurt my wife and wants you to get your surname rights. He asks how long will you be Suhani Sharma, and says my mother and my surname will be your surname. He says that from now on you will be called Suhani Saxena. Suhani remembers Ranveer and says there is a lot of difference between Ranveer and you. He didn’t want to change anything in me and says I don’t believe in this marriage. Ansh says whole world accepts it, and very soon you will believe too. Dadi and Sudha ask Rakesh to say something. Suhani asks Rakesh if she thinks she will sign and if Ansh is right, she will not refuse. She takes the paper from Ansh and also takes the pen. Sudha says Suhani. Suhani looks at Rakesh and is about to sign. Sudha asks Rakesh to stop him. Dadi also tries to stop him. Kamini says Ansh is right. Rakesh tells that Suhani will change her name from Suhani Sharma to Saxena, when she has any status, when she will feel proud of him, and says, you have no house, job or education. He says I will not let my daughter relate to your reflection. He asks Sudha to make him stay here for tonight and tomorrow he will arrange for her stay.

Ranveer calls Suhani. Suhani asks am I? Rakesh takes her mobile and throws it to break it. Ansh smiles. Rakesh says you will not talk to him again. Suhani says I have broken the promise I made to Ranveer, he trusts me a lot and I lost his trust, I did wrong.

Ranveer tells the senior coach that he is quitting training because work is more important. He thinks why Suhani is not picking up the phone. Dadi prays for Suhani. Ansh says don’t take tension, if Ranveer creates any drama here, I will handle it. Rakesh says you will not interfere in our family matters, I am father of a young daughter and know how to handle people. He closes the door. Kamini asks Ansh not to fight with Ranveer. Ansh says I will see him. Ranveer comes there and knocks on the door, asks Suhani to open the door. Suhani says Ranveer. Sudha says this man came. Kamini asks Ansh to hide in her room, else Ranveer will break her bones. Ansh says nothing will happen. Suhani goes to the balcony. Rakesh asks Suhani to go to her room and sit. Suhani says no need, I know Ranveer will not go without talking to me. Ranveer requests Rakesh to open the door and says I need to talk to Suhani. Kamini asks Rakesh to send her back. Ansh says you will teach him a lesson and says Ranveer sent goons after Nikki. Ranveer requests Rakesh and says I did not come to fight, I am begging you. Rakesh says I will not let you meet my daughter, go from here. Dadi says Ranveer will not leave without meeting Suhani.

Precap: Rakesh opens the door and slaps Ranveer. Ranveer asks her to go out of his way and beat her up if she feels lighter. Suhani asks him to fill vermilion in her maang and take her away from there, else she will have to go alone.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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