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Kaveri Priyam on casting couch: I remember once a casting director made an indecent proposal in return of work; I cried my eyes out Vijaya Tiwari| etimes.in

Kaveri Priyam Opens Up About Casting Couch In Industry: Says “Once A Casting Director Made An Indecent Proposal In Exchange For Work”

Kaveri Priyam, who rose to fame with her role as Kuhu in Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, is one of those rare actresses who, instead of saying yes to whatever role came her way, waited for the right opportunity until she was offered a positive leading role in it. next program

The actress bagged another popular character as Dr. Monami in Ziddi Dil Maane Na. During a recent interview with ETimes TV, Kaveri talked about her struggles in the TV industry and shared how she survived in Mumbai.

She shared, “I was a complete nautanki as a child. I participated in many plays during my school days. I had no fear of the stage or fear of the public. He would participate in street plays as well while growing up. I actually loved the attention I got from the audience and that was the main reason I’m here today in the industry. I used to write my own plays and have kids perform, so I always leaned into the creative realm. But studies were also important and after completing my graduation I decided that I should give it a try. Although I was not very sure that I could make it in the industry and this profession can be my way of earning money.”

Kaveri added: “I was very confident when I came to Mumbai. I also feel that you grow, learn over time and realize what works for you and what doesn’t. The same happened to me. I kept getting rejected at auditions one after another. I understood that there are things that are not working in my favor. Then you start talking to people and dressing up. You meet people during auditions and learn from your other experience. I met many friends who guided me in the right direction.”

When asked about her initial journey in the industry and if she also faced rejections, she said, “I lost count of the number of times I’ve been rejected. There was a time when I had given up and thought about going back home because the papers they were giving me weren’t very satisfying and I wasn’t happy with them. I wanted to do something substantial, so it took a long time. I wrestled for two years and then at one point I went home because I wanted to take a break and start over. When I was at home that time, I received a call from Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke. I auditioned for the show from home and submitted them. In fact, I just auditioned without thinking excitedly, this is just another audition. I was very relaxed and the show really clicked and I was called to Mumbai for a mock shoot. I feel that fate plays an important role.”

When asked if there were times when she was replaced or removed from a project at the last minute, she said: “Yes, I have been replaced on shows at the last minute and even after doing mock sessions someone else took my place. . It happens all the time in the industry. One thing I’ve come to realize is that whatever happens, happens for a reason and for our own good. Something is better on the way. There are times when you make wrong decisions and then regret it, oh I should have done the project. It takes time to get out of the setback and recover.”

Speaking of his experience with Mumbai, he said: “Coming from a different city and living in Mumbai is very difficult. You meet so many people who will take you for a ride. When I came here I was very naive and didn’t know the tricks of the business. That’s where how you’ve been raised comes in and what kind of values ​​you’ve absorbed and embodied in you. I did a lot of work on myself. I completely dressed up and transformed myself. I started doing print sessions and everything. I took on little projects so I could support myself in the city. I didn’t want to ask my parents for money. I would take shows for a cameo or one day, two days of work. Anything I made during the initial phase I put on rent. Then what I made I started spending on my growth. Whether it’s joining the best gym, meeting the best nutritionist, or looking for the best makeover. I put all the money into getting ready. Then there were tough days where sometimes I had no money and had no choice but to cut my earnings. these and postpone my plans.”

Opening up on the casting couch, Kaveri said, “When I came to Mumbai, I had no support from anyone and no one to guide me where to go for auditions. During that period I met many people who gave me examples of other actresses and told me that they had become stars using fast routes. In that phase I had a really bad time because I didn’t know how to react. Also, deep down I knew that this is not the right path and that it will not last long. These shortcuts are not lasting, they will not get you ahead in life. What will carry you forward is your talent. But when you see someone in a strong position sitting there and giving you gyaan. I used to make up excuses that my mom is waiting downstairs, she’s calling me, and she’d get the hell out of there.”

She added, “I remember once a casting director made me an indecent proposal. I just cried a lot after the incident. I sat in an autorickshaw and cried my eyes out because she had given up everything and came to Mumbai to become an actress and was treated like this. I started to think that “kya sach mein log aise shortcuts leke aage badhte hain” and talent is worthless. I was so confused that I ended up crying. He was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to do it. There were other incidents where I was asked to pay a large amount to get a break. She discouraged me. Ultimately, there were times when I broke down and called my family. They guided me and pumped me, so as not to give up. Then I met the right people who guided me and asked me to go to real auditions.”

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