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Katha Ankahee 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Arav waits for Katha to return early for his party.

Katha Anki Jan 5, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Katha doesn’t want to talk about that night. Viaan asks why she didn’t take 1 crore from the pyramid. Katha shows her the designs she’s been given, she can’t betray those who worked day and night for them. She asks where she used 1 crore and why she returned 83 thousand. Katha can’t take money that she doesn’t own, and what she did with 1 Crore 3 Lakh and 17 Thousand is none of Viaan’s business. She just wants to know the reason. Katha wouldn’t have come here if it wasn’t for Ashaan because unlike Viaan he doesn’t force his employees to complete 7 days of work in 60 hours, he really respects Katha and allows her to focus on her personal life . He doesn’t give her space. to ask questions. Viaan tells Asha that he likes fiction. Katha knows that Viaan will not rest until he knows what she used the money for, so she tells him that she invested it in the stock market in the hope of becoming a billionaire and Viaan agrees with her, she is a woman without character . Katha leaves, Viaan watches her as she goes down the stairs. Viaan remembers that Jeetu asked her to consider Katha’s perspective. Viaan tries to get perspective on her, but stops like a wall.

Aarav asks if it’s not her birthday. Katha asks Riva to remove all the decorations. Aarav is trying to remember, but the medicine won’t let him remember. Katha and Riva wish for a new life. Riva wishes Aarav get well soon, she finds a new pizzeria to ask him out on a date. Aarav agrees to take her on a date, but Riva will pay. Riva will take money from Katha. Katha gives Aarav the phone where her friends are online to talk to him, they wish him a happy life and also tell him a joke that makes Aarav not laugh. The phone call ends and Katha gives Aarav a surprise gift from her, showing him her new sports job. The narrative tells that life has changed; The colors of his life will shine brighter now. Aarav asks Katha to focus on herself, she points to her rotten bag. Some things can’t be changed, like Aarav’s Kohli shirt. The bag is your lucky charm that cannot be changed. Aarav knows that Katha has no money, he spent it all on her. Katha disagrees because she has gold in her wallet, she shows Aarav a picture of her. Aarav loves his mother. Riva says goodbye to her because he has to leave for the airport.

Katha and Aarav make the guest list for the party. She has invited all the ward members as well as Aunt Neerja. Neerja enters the room, blesses Aarav. He calls her Dodo, Neerja stops. Aarav has given Neerja a new name, Dodo, for Doctor Donor. Neerja says that she has nothing else to donate. They will party with Aarav but how. She tells him how her children used to get excited when she mentioned a party. Aarav asks her to invite him. Neerja can only wish, since she lives in America, but she sends special gifts on her birthday. Neerja has something special planned for Aarav. She will know after noon. Arav asks his mother to come home soon.

Katha receives a money transfer notification. She thanks her guru for this, she was in dire need of money. Katha receives a call from her mother-in-law. Teeju thanks Katha for saving Aarav. Katha apologizes for not being in contact with her. Teeju doesn’t hold a grudge, she explains how Mr. Garewal was willing to pay for the treatment. They came too late to help Aarav as grandparents, but she wishes the best for the man who stepped in in her time of need. She didn’t know how to look at Aarav, she was angry with herself. She asks Katha to let her meet Aarav. Katha invites him as a celebration day for her Aarav. She will send the address to Teeju.

Katha goes home. Jenny tells him about a party at her office. Katha asks, Jenny says it’s an office party. Katha will be introduced to customers today. Katha is furious, she wonders if she has the freedom to plan something herself. Katha herself will speak to Viaan.

Go into Viaan and Asha’s room discussing the design of the project. Ashaan asks Katha to vote for the best. Katha approves of both, asks permission to leave dinner. She has a lot of work and wants to concentrate on her work. Via explains that her work must also be taken care of by the clients of the project manager of the Dubai project. In any case, Vian can talk. Ashaan wants to perform Katha in front of her clients and asks her not to pay. She will be free before 10 pm.

Neerja sings. The nurses make fun of her for talking faster than the children. Aarav can’t party as he’s not allowed to yell, and Katha hasn’t arrived either. Falconi takes out the headphones. They played loud music and had so much fun that even the nurse would think they were crazy. Aarav asks about Katha; She is his dance partner. Falconi asks if he and Neerja are boring people. Neeraj asks Aarav to return her bone marrow because he will be called boring. Aarav asks her to take him with her. Neerja tells him a story of her when her children once did not wish her on her birthday. She thought that her children had forgotten her, she was sad like Aarav but in the afternoon all her garden was decorated, and everyone was there to surprise her. She was given a gift that day, the gift of believing that good would come. Aarav must have faith that Katha will come and bring something special. Aarav doesn’t want anything special; He only wants his mother. He looks towards the door.

Ashaan opens a bottle and celebrates a new beginning with everyone at dinner. Vian sat silently watching Katha. He is happy to have the strength and inspiration to work in the future. The client asks Katha about her inspiration for the design. The story sees and hears the master of it. Ashaan asks her not to lie, tells her that Katha is surprised, she is learning Arabic for the project. Katha wonders why Falconi didn’t read her message, she apologizes. Viaan asks her where she is going.

PRECAP: Falconoy tells Katha not to worry, he and Neerja are with Aarav. Viaan is standing behind Katha talking on the phone. Asha informs Katha that she is going to Jaipur to visit the site in 3 days. Viaan intervenes, he says that Katha will go to Dubai with him after 3 days.

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