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Katha Ankahee 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Katha resigns. – News

Katha Anki Dec 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Katha sees Aarav’s shoe that she threw in anger. She calls it the first monkey that will run in sneakers.

He puts his shoes on as soon as he lies on the bed. He tells his mother not to tie him too tight or it will hurt. He asks who asks for more spice in food, the pain in life makes life more exciting. Aarav wonders how the surgery will make his life exciting. He saw in movies that they installed huge machines, injected pipes and tubes. Legend recalls that this is what gives it life. This is a new journey for Aarav, he will be taken to a magical room, but he has to pass a test first. Aarav is sure that he will pass that exam. The narration goes on to say that the doctor will change Aarav to a magical bed that only accepts brave patients and then grants them magical powers. This is chemotherapy. Aarav thinks about what his magical powers would be. The narrative prevents you from fast-forwarding through the story. She says that Aarav will be sent to a magical tunnel that will send signals to Jupiter and doctors will examine him, a team of aliens will come this time from Satan who will activate superpowers in Aarav. He is surprised but excited, he asks if Katha will be there to watch. The narrative will continue to make sure they put the right powers on him. Aarav asks again what his powers will be. Legend tells him that he would be able to climb into a cup of tea, howl loudly and hug his mother like a monkey. She hugs Aarav.

The elevator opened for Officer Vian to enter. He looked at everyone, looked at the time and went to his office.

The nurse draws blood from Aarav. She compares the nurse to a mosquito that sucks her blood. He assures her that she will get better at healing magic. The doctor tells Katha not to worry. Katha worries if the bone marrow rejects Aarav’s body. The doctor pacified the story.

Aarav talks to the patient in the next bed and tells him that this is Hero’s room. The man asks if the heroes are bald. Aarav replies that it’s better if the heroes don’t have hair, they won’t have to waste time with him. The man replies that he will lose everything very soon. Aarav will draw it. The man laughs. Katha receives a message that she only has 3,000 in her account.
Viaan questions her assistant about the story. She tells that she is on half leave, there is no meeting and all the work is done. Viaan calls a meeting of all department heads involved in the Dubai project, the narrative needs to be there too.

Jenny asks Katha to go to the office immediately for the meeting called by Viaan or else she will be fired. Narrative question. Jenny can’t do anything, she asks Katha to get to the office on time. Falconi Bai asks, Katha has to go to the office immediately for the meeting. She worries that Aarav’s chemotherapy is about to start, she must be in pain. Falconi reassures her that the world will continue to persecute a working woman for her hard work. The narrative needs to be embraced and fought; She must hold the rope firmly. She asks Katha to leave, Baaz will stay with Aarav. Katha will clear things up about her personal life and her work life at the office, she can’t live in guilt forever. They gave him work, they bought it with him. Baaz questions her anger, asks if there is more. Katha remembers the night but she refuses to tell, all she cares about is Aarav. She will ensure Aarav’s return before chemotherapy.

Katha goes to meet Aarav and takes a photo with him. He asks if she’s going anywhere. Katha made sure to come back as soon as possible.

Ashaan walks into the office talking to a client who asks him to keep the conversation between them. Viaan relates the terms of the tale. Viaan picks up the phone, tells the customer they’re doing business on fair terms. He won’t be doing you any favors. Ashaan asks her to let him go; He’ll take care of it. Viana refuses to work with anyone who wants to take advantage of her. She ends the call and leaves the office.

Everyone is in the conference room. Ashan praised the design story mailed out today. Riva asked to present the design. Viaan asks if he is the head of the project, he calls in déjà vu. Rewa is not going to take charge of the project. Another colleague asked permission to discuss some important details taken from the narrative. Viaan ends the meeting. easy question. Vian explodes with anger, time repeating itself as the project manager does not take responsibility for his position while the team members praise him for it. He taunts all the team members into facing the consequences. Viaan leaves the room. Jeetu asks Riva to call Katha. Ashaan wishes everyone not to worry.

Katha walks into the room. Jeetu calls her twice for being late. Katha tells him about the half-day leave. She asks Katha to tell Viaan that something must be wrong for her to be angry. Others ask Katha to speak to Viaan as it is unfair to everyone.

Katha walks into Viaan’s office. She reminds Katha that she was the one who made the condition not to affect her work at night, but she is late. Viaan teases her to have someone else do her job, she is a millionaire who can pay a simple salary. He asks her to bring a secretary to remind him of Katha’s schedule. Katha sits down to write a note reminding Viaan that one of her conditions was not to speak of the night again. Since Viaan is her boss, she explains that she was late because she took half leave and informs Jenny about it. Viaan questions her to remember select situations. Katha remembers all the terms, but Viaan is the one to talk about it. If they have mentioned it today, they will mention it in the future as well. To avoid the conversation, Katha hands over her resignation letter to Viaan. She takes her bag and is about to leave, but she turns around and tells him that she only asked for 1 crore 17 lakhs. Not a penny more, she returns the extra 83 thousand.

PRECAP: Viaan makes a phone call to email Katha to accept his resignation letter. He asks Ashaan to sign the letter, or the resignation will not be accepted. Riva tells her father-in-law that she values ​​her inheritance, so he asks her mother-in-law for her family bracelet. Riva tells Katha about her conversation with Ashaan, he wants to fix everything.

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