Kamna 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Manav and Sakshi ma’am act like they are fighting

Kamna 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Manav and Sakshi ma’am act like they are fighting

Kamna 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Manav and Sakshi ma’am act like they are fighting

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Sakshi mam is making bed fine when she gets a call she goes out to answer when Manav immediately apologizes and Sakshi also apologizes, he questions why she is apologizing but then before that goes to say, she says they shouldn’t apologise as they both know they were acting out, she says she can complain as he couldn’t find any words against her because they have There is no negative point, sakshi mam tells that she knows that lying is bad but if it is for someone’s good then it is more fruitful than a hundred lies, manav answers that she is right but she with yatho Haven’t done anything so he doesn’t know if it’s right, sakshi mam replied that she knows reality will do something to stop him so why is he in so much tension, better his wishes end today Go, not to the party. Manav asks if she is two hundred years old when she will reach this maturity, she asks if she is worried about anything else Manav thinks she is worried about when Reality will finally leave home What will be the reaction, Sakshi ma’am thinks that he only cares for his son which is correct as he has no relation with her, Sakshi ma’am replied that she is sure that he will be able to take great care of his son as he He is the best father, Sakshi tells that he should not talk much now or else he will get used to it. Manav is worried about what she is saying.

Sakshi ma’am enters the room when she questions why Malti aunty is packing the bags, she replies that Sakshi can fool the kids but not her as she knows Sakshi is planning to leave the house. Sakshi replies that she has no other option but to leave it. Home because it is better to save relationships, break established relationships, Malti aunty questions about which relationship Sakshi is talking about because she thinks children will agree with what she is saying then they will be able to form new relationships, Sakshi answers I don’t think and don’t even want to think Malti aunty asks if she doesn’t have any feelings for human and does she think that if she refuses it will be over, this desire will go everywhere with her and Will eat it, a person can run away from anyone from inside but not from himself.

Sakshi mam sits down and remembers how she met Manav for the first time and he stood with her all the time, even when she wanted to go she stopped her, Sakshi thinks why she cares so much about Manav ji is thinking.

Vibhav is lying on the sofa, he is unable to sleep because of mosquitoes and starts killing them, Ranay asks why is he still sleeping here and not going to the room. Vibhav replies that he likes people who are really honest and simple but not those who act as Rana, knows everything, Vibhav mentions that he has six elders but still Unable to sleep with that woman, there was a time when the room felt like a place of flowers but now it feels like needles, explains Ranay that would hurt him more as Bishmapitaan was still unmarried while Vibhav was getting married for the second time, Vibhav replies that if he loses whatever he makes in the first marriage, he is worried. I don’t know how he became like this with Akanksha.

Akanksha calls Vibhav stating that he has made something for her, she asks him to look at the font that he has arranged a prenup between them, explaining that he should see if the font is correct. Vibhav questions what is the need for prenup arrangement between them when he should trust her, Akanksha mentions that she trusts him the most but this is only to show the whole world that they are each other. But, he has also included a clause according to which he is going to transfer fifty percent of the shares. To her, she insists that they complete it now. When Vibhav replies that it is night so they will do it in the morning, he hugs her and looks at Ranay how life plays a game with all of them.

In the morning Manav asks who eats salad for breakfast, workers reply Sakshi ma’am asks them to cook, Manav asks why Sakshi ma’am is cooking when there are so many workers present, Sakshi ma’am asks to make paratha offered when she signals to him that they need to fight, she immediately realizes that explaining that he would not be able to digest healthy food, she was independent so went to prepare breakfast, she had to work so much on these little things Why have to do it, Reality is waking up in bed, they have started fighting once again in the morning. When Sakshi leaves, he asks her not to care about her.

Reality calls Ayesha and tells that they have started fighting once again, she asks her to listen to their fight, Sakshi and Manav are still fighting, so Yatri hangs up the phone, she alleges that he ate the paratha when he last made it, he asks why is he so shocked when Sakshi ma’am warns him not to be so smart, he replies that he should let the staff do their work because they Always says mam has done it all, he questions why she is so independent and should looking for job, sakshi mam replies she openly asked sir who to give back her previous job Having agreed, she thinks that he should escalate the fight so that he leaves the house, alleging that her first marriage could not work because of his attitude. ,

Ayesha goes to Mr. Kholkar and asks if she has offered any job to Sakshi Ma’am, Mr. Kholkar replies that she is a wonderful teacher, when Ayesha requests him to hold the offer for a while. Mr. Kholkar says that she has sent the appointment letter and she will probably attend. At the start of the new semester, he explains that Sakshi Ma’am should also get a chance to start a new life, when Ayesha realizes that this is what she and Yatho are trying to do.

In the morning the worker opens the door when Meera tells him to go and call Mr. Kapoor, Akanksha comes from his wish when she apologizes to him as she was unable to get the custody of her son, Akanksha alleges that it was her. The mistake was because Vibhav had hired. On her, Akanksha questions whether Meera got the degree because of some setting, when Meera replies that people like her only know how to work and earn, not like Akanksha, for which she doesn’t know that she will be able to earn money for a few days. After where it is about to happen, Vibhav tells that it is not a court so why are they arguing, Meera replies that the truth of his to be wife has come out before him and he has to say that his faith in women is really Bad when Vibhav asks what was this closeness that existed between them, Meera replies that he never flirted with her but Vibhav annoys her and she leaves.

Akanksha questions if Meera was telling the truth when Vibhav replies that he can’t tell anything lies, he informs that he had spent time with Meera when they were together, Akanksha sits down while Vibhav mentions that he knows that he might not be able to stop her and she will leave him but he won’t be able to stop her either, Akanksha asks her not to talk to him like this, she says that she should Past doesn’t care and requests her to come as they will sign the agreement, Vibhav stands furious as to whether he knows anything about her other than marriage and her son, if he has asked for her rights to come. Had fought with Manav they would still have a chance, Akanksha replies that whenever she thinks of Yatharth she only remembers defeat, he blames that a defeat ended in her heart. Motherhood. She starts crying so he acts as if he is comforting her, thinking that he should leave her because women like her are better off fighting with human who take care of their family, that is the only way So that he can prevent human beings from snatching property. Nebula.

Sakshi ma’am is packing her bags, Reality and Ayesha enter the room when she forms she can no longer live under the same roof as her father, she is going to the school quarters where he can come to meet her .

Precap: Yatharth refuses Sakshi mam to let him go, Manav forces Reality into the room, even when Ayesha requests him not to do so. Sakshi ma’am is standing at the door and mentions that he can come to see her whenever she wants, but reality however angrily says that he hates Sakshi ma’am.

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