Kaira Kismet To Be With You Forever Episode 18

Kaira Kismet To Be With You Forever Episode 18

Kaira Kismet To Be With You Forever Episode 18

Recap: Kyra is having a romantic time. Akshat in Vedika’s house.

Next morning, Jaipur airport

Kartik and Naira enter the airport. Karthik’s mobile rings and his map

Karthik: Yes Maps

Naksh: Karthik… All is well. Leaving for Mumbai early in the morning?

Karthik: Hey man everything is fine. I am just going to vacate the house and I am taking Naira to the college to meet the students along with the police officers

Naksh: But we decided to keep the evidence secret to Naira right?

Karthik: Yes Naksh… still nothing will be known. She is with me as my wife, I am resigning today isn’t she

Naksh: I would have been with you

Karthik: You are needed in the hospital. we will be back in the evening

Naksh: Come on take care. Bye

The call gets disconnected. Kartik approaches Naira who is sitting in the waiting lounge.

Kartik: What happened?

Naira: Our flight is delayed by an hour

Karthik: Man… well, let me bring you something to eat.

Kartik goes to the canteen. Naira is dragging the luggage to the waiting lounge. She slips and someone holds her hand and saves

Voice: Being pregnant you can’t do this ma’am

She wakes up to see Dr. Vishal

Naira: Sir you..

Vishal: You can call me Vishal and yes I came to know that you are pregnant when I went to the hospital to donate blood to your mother. In this situation you have to be careful

Karthik: At least you explain to him, sir. she never listens to me

Kartik hands over the juice and sandwich to Naira and hugs Vishal.

Karthik: Thank you very much sir if not for you

Vishal: Not then Karthik. say something other than thanks

Karthik: Well then you are also coming to Mumbai?

Vishal: Yes and the flight is getting late..Wait… you are also instrumental? Are you both going to Mumbai too?

Karthik: yes

Vishal: Thank god, though it will be a boring trip to Mumbai, but now I have got company…

Naira: Not at all

Karthik: Let’s sit down

they just go

Vishal: You are going to Mumbai

Karthik: We are going to Mumbai to vacate our house and resign from college job

Vishal: You’re the professor? But Goenka has diamond business in Udaipur

Karthik: How did it happen?

Vishal: My mother is from Udaipur

Karthik: Oh, it brings us closer… well to answer you..

Karthik narrates everything from Shubham’s death till now.

Vishal: You are indeed a caring husband Kartik. It’s great to know someone like you.

Karthik: Thanks Vishal. And you are going to Mumbai?

Vishal: Kartik A Medical Conference At XYZ Hotel

Karthik: It is near Imperial College

Vishal: Imperial College… Wait, I heard somewhere recently… Yes in the news regarding the murder of a girl student by a moving train. Yes.

Karthik: An unfortunate promotion for the college

Vishal: Got the murderer?

Karthik: Yes… our college students. An Important Witness Helped Us

Vishal: My God

Kartik opens his mobile and shows Akshat’s picture to Vishal. Vishal is shocked

Vishal: This… this…..boy….I have seen him somewhere…yeah….yeah…he is the nephew of the man who killed my father

Karthik: What?

Naira and Kartik get shocked hearing this.

Vishal: Yes. I’ve seen him in court with the man’s daughter when the man was convicted

Karthik: My goodness

Naira: Your father was murdered?

Vishal shook his head and wiped his tears.

Naira: I’m sorry Vishal

Vishal: Oh right. It’s been many years since he killed his own manager and friend

Vishal says something. It has been muted and will be revealed later

The scene freezes on Kartik and Naira’s shocked face and Vishal’s painful face.

Imperial College Mumbai

Kartik and Naira walk inside the campus.

Kartik whispers to Naira: Naira keeps an eye on that Akshat. He’s definitely seen you on the train and can recognize you

Naira: But Kartik

Karthik: Inspector Sahib said that it is possible. so just look for him

Naira nods and Kartik takes her to his cabin. The girls are shocked to see Kartik Goenka walking around the college holding the hand of a girl. Hod welcomes Kartik and Naira

Hod: Happy for the good things that are happening, Kartik sir. sorry to see you leave

Karthik: I feel bad too but sir..

Hod: I can understand it. ill ask for your papers

Just then Vedika comes in and she is shocked to see a girl with Kartik.

Vedika: Kartik sir…

Akshat’s words ring in his ears

Akshat: I will not spare your love if you tell anyone about my being here KG Sir

She swallows her saliva thinking of his words. come through paper clerk

Hod: Kartik sir you have to sign here

Kartik signs it

Hod: Vedika….

Vedika is standing there lost.

Hod: Vedika….

Vedika gives a jolt and comes to reality

Hod: Gather the students in the meeting hall. Karthik sir has to address him

Vedika: But sir class…

Hooda: Sir I am resigning today so have come here with wife. So ask the students to gather

Vedika gets the shock of her life when Hod reveals Naira as Kartik’s wife. He feels that the sky will fall on his head. the scene freezes

meeting hall

The police officer sits on the stage with Naira and Kartik. students gather in the room

Karthik: So guys… I have come here to say goodbye to all of you.

Boys let out a sigh of relief while girls moan in despair

Karthik: It was great to be here but now I have to leave. But before leaving, all you know is that your college mate was killed by being pushed by a train and the police have got information about the killer.

Akshat’s picture is projected in the projector

Karthik: This crook is also your college mate but now he is a murderer. The police is searching for him. If he tries to contact any of you please notify the police. My last request to all of you. have a great life Bye

Kartik gets down and then Naira. Vedika standing outside with Hod looks at Naira with disgust. the scene freezes

Hotel XYZ

Vishal finishes his conference and is walking out to the reception. There a girl is standing and filling the form. His gaze falls on her and he finds her wiping her tears. He takes a tissue paper and spreads it near her. The girl turned to him and saw that her eyes were swollen due to crying

Vishal: I think you need it

The girl turns. the receptionist comes there

Receptionist: Sir how can I help you?

Vishal: I am Dr. Vishal Kapoor. I came here for conference and now I need to book a cab

Receptionist: I will check the admission book for the conference to confirm it sir

She gets busy with checking while Vishal turns his attention to the girl. While she was writing she saw her hands trembling and suddenly she collapsed. Vishal holds her. The receptionist and hotel staff ran around him. Vishal lays her down and checks her pulse

Vishal: Can anyone get his water and something to eat?

Within minutes, water and biscuits reach him. He brings the girl to her senses by splashing water on her face. She opens her eyes and slowly rises up. He helps her to lounge and makes her sit and gives her a biscuit

Vishal: You are tired, eat this biscuit

girl staring blank

Vishal: Im Dr. Vishal Kapoor and I mean no harm

Girl: I am Aishwarya

she takes biscuits and eats them

Vishal: I know I am a complete stranger but you seem to have lost someone. Your eyes tell me and your position tells me now

Aishwarya: You are right, I lost my sister Sadhna

Vishal remembers something and: Sadhna..Imperial College?

Aishwarya is initially surprised but then remembers the news in the newspapers and agrees with Vishal’s statement.

Aishwarya: She is my sister…Actually I live in United Kingdom. We lost our parents and she was left here alone. I came after knowing the news

Vishal: So I guess you have to meet my friends

Vishal calls Kartik and tells him the details.

Karthik: Will be there in 10 minutes

Aishwarya: What friends? Mister you helped me and I am grateful. i don’t need your connection anymore

She gets up and is about to leave. Vishal stops her

Vishal: He is a partner of Imperial College and handling the murder of your sister. So please stay back Ms. Aishwarya. we will be able to help you

Aishwarya resists his hold and tries to free herself

Vishal: The murderer is my enemy too, so don’t doubt me. i repeat it again i mean no harm

Sensing the seriousness in his voice, Aishwarya stops protesting. Vishal makes her sit and sits with her. the scene freezes

Precap: Aishwarya reveals an important clue about Sadhna and Akshat. what is that?

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