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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey Jul 27, 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu remembers Gungun

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey July 27, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Armaan coming to meet Gungun. He gives her flowers. He gets a cake and says come on, it’s a party, cut the cake. Gungun and Garima ask about the occasion. He says I’m really happy today. Gungun asks what’s going on. He says our subscriber base has grown, our magazine is a smash hit. Garima says Riddhesh would have been proud of Gungun. He says even my mother would have been happy. Gungun asks him to cut the cake, it’s his hard work behind the success. He says it’s your story, it inspires a lot of people. Garima asks them to cut the cake together. Gungun remembers Anu.

Armaan insists. They cut the cake and feed each other. In the morning, Gungun meets the ladies at the fishing village and asks for some inspirational figures. Lady says Beena and Radha are inspirational, I’ll take you to them. Gungun meets her. Radha says we wanted to put you on that woman’s hand. Gungun says Beena will do something amazing, she will graduate this year, she is the first graduate in this place, you are a single mother and you gave her an education, you and your daughter are an example, I want to follow you Interview, the picture of your daughter can appear in the magazine like this. Radha says she went to her exam. Gungun gives her the magazine and asks her to show it to Beena. She leaves.

Gungun comes towards Armaan. He says let me guess you didn’t get a story today. She says that today I have two faces, that mother and daughter will take the magazine to another level. He says I’m proud of you. Radha shows the magazine to Beena and says she will do your interview, she said you are the first graduate in the area, you can inspire others too. Anu is coming. Radha shows the picture to Anu. Anu remembers Gungun. Radha asks what happened. Anu says maybe I know her.

He feels a headache. Radha and Beena take care of him. Radha goes out and tells Sheetal not to tell Beena and Madhav. She meets mukhiya and says you make all the decisions in this area, i wanted your advice for beena, her exams are over, i want to marry her, i know a guy, don’t know if he is the right one for beena or not, madhav . He says Beena is always with him, people from the area make news about her. Radha says he’s a decent guy. He says you can’t explain it to anyone anyway, we’re going to marry her off. She says I don’t know if they will agree to marriage or not. He says don’t think about her wish, we will marry her in the puja event tomorrow, that’s my command. Radha comes home and lies to Beena. Beena says I told you not to leave Madhav alone. Radha sees that Beena is worried about Madhav and thinks I’ve found the right person for Beena. She asks Beena to get ready for the puja in the morning and take Madhav with her. Armaan drops Gungun. She says thank you, see you tomorrow. He asks what you do in the evening. She doesn’t say anything special. He asks if you can come to dinner with me. He says you misunderstand me, my friend is opening a restaurant, he wanted you to come. She says no thanks. He says at least come to the ribbon cutting. She refuses. He asks why. She says I can’t smile because of the pictures in front of them. He asks if Anu would be happy to see you upset. She says okay, I’m coming. He says I’ll pick you up. He leaves.

Pradyush and Goli come home. Everyone meets them and hugs. They ask Goli if everything is ok. Goli says yes. Changru asks if your husband is bothering you. Pradyush says you should ask me that. Goli says he molested me for 15 years, I will molest him all his life. Charu says after Anu left, the family smiled for the first time. Chandra says Goli has come to her Maayka for the first time, pleased to welcome her. Goli asks for Sargam. Sargam cries when he sees Anu’s picture and asks him to come back. Goli sees this and cries. She apologizes. She says I left the family when you all needed me the most, sorry. Sargam says don’t say that, Anu would have been very happy if he had been here. They hug and cry.

Anu awakens from sleep. He asks where am I, where is Gungun. Beena asks Gungun?

Update credit to: Amena

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