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Kabhi Kabhi Ittefaq Se 26 February 2022 Written Episode Update: Golu makes a big mistake

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se 26 February 2022 Written Episode Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with everyone asking Anu to play a game. They blackmail her emotionally. He says right. They all play games. Everyone blindfolds Gungun and Anu. They leave the room. Anu and Gungun look for them. She reaches near him and holds him tightly. They look at each other with their blindfolds removed. She says maybe they went to make chutney, you really thought that I can give you a message that I miss you. He says you are unpredictable. She asks is it a compliment or an insult, you never praise. He says I treated you sweetly. She asks in which birth. He says when you fall ill. They sit and talk. He says everyone is fighting for cards and guests, maybe 1000 guests will come. Gungun asks is it marriage or mela. He says we are sending e-invites to the guests. Gungun checks it. He asks what happened, did you not like it. She says your side card has many names, look at my side card. He says your father did not put your mother’s name in the card. She says I didn’t let her pour. He says your father had said that she will come for the wedding. She says yes, she will come as guest. He says sorry, I should not talk about that, I will call everyone, we can play ludo. She says no thanks, I am going home. He called the driver and asked for the car. There comes the shape. She looks at him muttering. She says muttering here… I thought Anu went for family emergency, I didn’t know it was emergency, I hate her. Anu comes to Gungun. She says I am leaving, I am waiting for car, you came to check it. He says no, I came to see. She wonders why he gets so cute sometimes, is he has split personality disorder. Aakriti hides and keeps watching. He asks is there anyone to take care of you. She says yes aunt lives with me, but went shopping, I am used to being alone. The driver gets the car. He asks if sir is coming too. Gungun says no. Anu opens the car door for him. She left. Aakriti thinks I had come to show her the report and meet her family, I think I have made a mistake by coming here.

Golu comes to the bank. He meets his companions and invites them to Anu’s wedding. He meets Keshav and pokes fun at his many leaves. He asks her to attend Anu’s wedding. The peon says that Golu/Chanchal is going on a week’s leave again. Keshav says this man doesn’t work, he tells stories and fools the manager. Golu meets the manager and gives the card. He asks her to come with his family. Manager says I will definitely come. Golu says thanks for giving me leave. Manager says you are the smartest employee of the bank and complete the target, my doctor is happy, I have put heart stent, I said your jokes make me happy. Thank you Golu. He leaves.

Golu asks everyone to come for the wedding. He jokes and laughs. Keshav says thank you very much. Sunanda shows the jewelery and tells Charu what is beautiful. He admires her smile. She laughs. She says I want to gift something to Gungun from my side. He says it is old fashioned, he will not like it. She says take me to jewellery, we will sell it and buy new ones. He says this is your bridal jewellery, will you sell it, I have not bought anything for you till now. She says you are my makeup. He smiles. He says your heart would have wished for a gift someday. She says yes but I am happy with my family which has love, I am grateful to have such a nice family and a good husband. He asks are you fine. She says yes you are my husband so you are really good. He says that’s why. She says you are good so you are my husband, now be happy, don’t tell anyone and take me in family. He says it is fine, if the family is big then there is happiness. She says yes. They talk about Rasika and cry. She says that she went with a boy from another religion. He says she might forget us, but we can’t. She says I miss her a lot, I cannot tell this to anyone. She cries. He wipes her tears. Sharma ji asked Golu to sign the register. Golu signs it. He keeps the money in the locker. He can’t find the key. He gets a call from Yug. Yug says dad is fixing the catering budget. Golu says I am coming. Keshav sees the locker keys there.

Charu says we have a big problem, we can’t keep Anu and Gungun’s marriage, I feel really ashamed. Ridesh is worried.

Update Credits: Amena

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