Kaamna July 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Sakshi finds out the truth about Akanksha

Kaamna July 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Sakshi finds out the truth about Akanksha

Kaamna July 25, 2022 Written Episode Update: Sakshi finds out the truth about Akanksha

Kaamna July 25, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

Sakshi sets up her bed, Akanksha looks into her room as they unpack their things, she thinks this is the perfect moment to take the drama to the next level, she goes to the lounge and gets the medicine out of the case, which she puts in her mouth.

Sakshi calls out that the packing is complete so they would leave after Manav returned, she hears the screams of Akanksha so she rushes to her, Akanksha rushes in while Sakshi follows her. Swati enters the house wondering where everyone is as she can’t even see Sakshi who calls Akanksha in shock after seeing the blood coming out of her mouth, Yatho gets his ass when she throws up again. Swati is also tense when she sees Akanksha, she asks what her mother is doing here before she falls down and pretends to pass out. Sakshi asks Swati if she is ok as she assures there would be no problem. She asks Yatho to call the doctor, Sakshi assures that everything would be ok but Swati replies that nothing is ok again, she is about to call the doctor when Swati asks her to read the reports first, Sakshi is stunned, when she discovers that Akanksha is suffering from stomach cancer. Sakshi assures that she would have them checked out by another doctor as they cannot trust any diagnosis. Akanksha ponders why her mother is sitting there crying because she has to stop Sakshi or her plan would be ruined. Swati stops Sakshi from sharing how Dr. Chopra said the tumor is in the last stage and if they do any kind of surgery it could cause a lot of problems so Akanksha might not even survive the few days she has left, Swati pleads with Sakshi that she doesn’t want to be around Seeing her daughter suffer even more, Akanksha praises her mother for acting and thinks if even this world ends, she won’t stop acting.

Niharika is really amazed to see Manav he exclaims Mr Holkar said she came back so he thought of meeting her she replied she thought of running away from all the troubles but wasn’t in the been able so she came back she is now waiting for vibhav to return even if ayesha and her father think it is wrong. He asks if she knows where Vibhav is, but Niharika replies that he said he would only come back when he earned something himself. Manav mentions that he feels Akanksha is planning something with Akanksha’s support, Niharika replies that she doesn’t feel he is able to make any plans since he refuses to give her hundred crores take, she suggests that he should marry Sakshi as soon as possible because then a thief would not have a chance to take anything from him.

Yatharth is sitting in the room when Sakshi walks in, she begins to remember how he immediately insisted on meeting his mother in the middle of the night, Yatho sees Sakshi hugging her, she apologizes to him for not being able to understand was aware of the truth of his mother, he fought in front of her but she didn’t notice anything, she apologized to him but he replied that he should have told her but he hid it, he saw such a really bad one that night Nightmare he insisted on going to his grandmother’s house, he exclaims it was his mother’s last wish to stay with him and his father, he felt really bad when she wanted to leave her because he needed her because she is the only one who can take care of him, they both hug as she assures that she is not leaving him, she was unaware of his condition and even when Bhagwan says she would not leave him alone.

Akanksha sits on the bed, Swati comes to give her the medicine as she asks how far away she is taking her life with it, Swati sits next to her as she lies down so she asks her to rest, Aunt Malti comes to her Malti says she can’t take the pain while serving her daughter with all this, Malti explains when a mother gives birth then she wants to give her all the happiness but who can fight fate when she’s on suffering from such an illness. Swati exclaims that she has accepted Manav as her own son and even knows that this is not the right time, but she cannot be selfish, she makes a request of Malti not to let Manav know about her illness, because she does too Yatho’s life and Yatho wants Manav should be full of happiness, Akanksha what she does, for it would ruin all her endeavors.

Akanksha is playing the video game when she hears someone coming, so she pretends to be in tremendous pain. Sakshi sits next to her and asks if she’s okay. She sits up and exclaims that before she dies she has two wishes that only Sakshi can grant, she asks her to marry Manav before anything happens to her so that she is relieved, Sakshi asks how she did it to this one can do at the time, Akanksha replies that it is not in her hands to give her, but her life of manav is just beginning so she must not waste it, things in life after being patient when she get things Manav got while she herself was not even able to get him. Sakshi asks her to only think about her health as she can be fine even at this stage. Akanksha is hopeless and reveals that she has only been cheating on everyone since childhood and that’s what she deserves while breaking the good news of her marriage. Sakshi replies that it’s not only because of her but also because of Manav since he would understand after seeing their tense faces. Akanksha begs Manav not to find out when she saw her condition, Akanksha vows to do her best until they get married as she even prevented Mummi and Yatho from telling anyone but she relented when Sakshi insisted go, she was forced to tell the news. Akanksha suggests they pretend to be asleep so they can tell in the morning.

Akanksha explains that she will make breakfast for all of them tomorrow morning, Sakshi asks her to relax but Akanksha replies that it wouldn’t affect the remaining time, but Sakshi agrees when Akanksha thinks she really innocent, Sakshi replies that she can ask her anything she wants, Akanksha replies that she never asks anyone, but then she just takes what she wishes and has a clear idea how to convince Manav since she is helping them prepare for the wedding, but would sit with him in the mandap.

Prelude: Akanksha arrives, explains that she has prepared Manav and Yatho’s favorite dish, Manav exclaims that he has news before they can do anything, so he reveals that he and Sakshi would be married on July 29th, Yatho and everyone else is stunned

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