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Jai Kanhaiya Lal’s 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Asthi’s shocking request to Kanso

Jai Kanhaiya Lal’s 17th March 2022 written episode, written update on TeleUpdates.com

Kanha requested Mahadev not to go near him if he called Shukracharya. Mahadev asks what kind of request is this. Goddess Gauri asks Kanha if he had come to invite her for Holi. Kanha says yes and asks her to ensure that Mahadev does not leave Kailash before Holi festival. Goddess Gauri agrees and draws a protective line around Mahadev.

Siddhi takes Kansa that she wants to show him the place of Holika Dahan and hopes that she will not get angry seeing him outside Mathura. Kansa praised the hard work of the citizens of Mathura and said that it should be inside Mathura. Siddhi says it was organized before taking his permission and apologizes to him. He tells her not to worry as he will take her to Mathura. He enlists its earth through his superpowers and takes it to Mathura, leaving everyone stunned. Citizens chant his name. Kansa says we return to Mathura and start Holika Dahan ritual.

The citizens of Vrindavan perform Holika Dahan rituals. Nand and Rohini have described the story of Holika Dahan in detail. Kanha opposed attending the Holika Dahan ceremony. Yashoda tries to pacify him. Rohini calls Yashoda for the ritual. Yashoda says that she cannot leave Kanha alone. Kanha asks him to go and perform the rituals. Rohini says that Kanha also wants her to perform the rituals. Yashoda says if her Kanha feels uncomfortable then she will not. Rohini says of her own free will and leaves.

Siddhi along with Kansa and the citizens of Mathura perform Holika Dahan and announce to wait till tomorrow to meet a special person. Balarama told Kanha that it is not good that Maiya did not burn Holika. Kanha says this because Dau said that he is afraid of fire and promises that Maiya will celebrate Holi with all of them and even with Kansa. Balaram asks what is his plan. Kanha asks him to wait and see.

Siddhi tells Kansa that the fire of Holika Dahan will wash away sins, so she should pass by the fire to cleanse her of her sins. Akrur suggests him not to do this as it may harm him. Siddhi says they need it for themselves and their citizens. Kansa agrees and asks to light the fire. Kanha tells Yashoda that she will also attend the festival, hypnotizes her and takes her back to the Holika Dahan site. Balaram wonders what Kanha is doing. Yashoda catches Kanha and goes into the fire. Everyone gets worried for them. Mahadev tells Kanha that Yashoda’s life may be in danger by doing so.

Precap: Balram asks Kanha that if Maiya agrees to play Holi with him, how will he play Holi with Kansa first. Kanha asks him to just wait and see. He goes to Kansa’s Holi celebrations and paints his face.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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