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Imlie 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Malini Reaches Pagdandiya

Tamarind Aug 5, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Imli argues with the merchants and tells Chini to run away. Sugar says it’s time to show girl power and not run away and she picks up a rock to throw at the merchants. The shopkeeper snatched the stone from him and threw it into the air. Aryan keeps the sugar on time. Cheney is glad to see her hero and her hero. Aryan asks if she’s okay. She says yes, but now the merchants won’t be okay. The merchant warns him to stop her drama and go away. Aryan hits him and he falls too far. The merchant apologizes to him and asks Tamarindo why she didn’t say that the man from town is with Tamarindo. Tamarind and Aryan immediately say that they are not together. The shopkeeper asks the sugar what he wants. Cheney says that she no longer needs anything. Aryan buys an entire sugar store and its name is Chinese Grocery. Chinese reads the name on the board and says that this is her store. Aryan says that she can take whatever he wants. Cheney is happy to hear this. Tamarind says they don’t want anything from this store. The Chinese hide behind Aryan.

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