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Imlie 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Atharva And Rudra’s Argument

Tamarind Sep 30, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Rudra tells Imli that he had come here with his son’s alliance for Imli and wants him to meet his son first and that he would have the right to reject his son without hesitation, but he wants her to be his daughter. become her DIL or not. He asks if she will meet her son or not. Sundar gestures for him to say yes. Tamarind, remembering Narmada’s warning, nods her head to Rudra’s questions and agrees. Arpita and Rupali congratulate Tamarind while Chini and Anu raise their eyebrows. At night, Tamarind seeks Chini’s advice in a dilemma about whether or not she should meet Rudra’s son and how to reject him if she doesn’t like him. The Chinese say that he is too traditional and that he likes Chacha and he breaks up, but little boys like smart, fun-loving girls, so Rudra’s own son will reject her. Tamarind thinks Chini is right that no little boy will like her. He apologizes to Rudra in advance for breaking his heart. Chinese smile.

The next morning, during breakfast, Rudra praises Tamarind. Devika says that she has been praising Tamarind since last night, now everyone is desperate to meet Tamarind. Rudra says that Atharva meet Tamarind first. Atharv passes. Rudra asks her to go to his given address in the evening after finishing the chariot. Atharv says that today he has 2 assignments. Rudra becomes furious and says that he has made an alliance for her and that he should meet the girl today at all costs. Rupali and Aparna sweep up Tamarind’s hair and say that no one will reject her. Chini says that she will fix Mrs. Shutlik in a salon and asks Tamarind to come with her. Tamarind agrees and goes to find the dupatta. Chini thinks that Tamarind wants to take care of her dupatta and her family prestige, but she only wants to take care of herself and she won’t let Tamarind marry a rich boy as her dream and right to marry a rich boy .

Rudra warns Atharva not to meet the girl or return home. Devika tries to pacify him. Kiya says that papaji had put a gun to Atharv’s head, whenever he wants to marry a girl of his choosing, let him marry. Rudra says that his eldest son has already married the girl of his choice, he won’t let the same mistake happen again. He again warns Atharv that if he doesn’t meet the girl, the door to this house will be closed to him forever. Devika and Shivani convince Atharv to meet the girl, as he is not marrying her today. Atharv agrees and says that he will marry the girl of his choice whenever he wants.

Chini takes Imli to a beautiful hall and tells her that she has to look sophisticated and beautiful in front of Rudra’s son. Tamarind nervously agrees. The lady in the room asks Chini if ​​she brought her maid today. The Chinese say that tamarind is her new customer. Lady says that the tamarind needs to work for at least 2-3 hours and first give it green tea to make your face glow. Chinese smiled. Rudra’s tongue chides Akash for buying a place at the university by giving him a bribe for his sister. Kiya supports Akash and asks her what is wrong with her, she should be happy that her daughter studies in a great university. Devika warns Kiiya that she behaves with Papaji. Rudra says that during his generation, young people used to respect even an old tree on their lawn, now young people want to cut down that tree and make a parking lot in its place. Devika and Shivani try to comfort him.

Atharv gets angry when his car breaks down and tries to calm him down with his rock music. He sees the place and remembers to leave sugar and tamarind there. Tamarind feels that his skin is severely burned. Chini thinks that this jealousy is nothing compared to jealousy and the pain that she is going through since the death of Aryan and Tamarind, will take everything from Tamarind and get rid of her poverty.

Precap: Tamarind writes a poem that is going to start a new chapter of her life with a special person whose thought coincides with her, Atharva. She hears that Atharv refuses to marry her. Cheney is happy to hear this.

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