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Imlie 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie To Help Atharva In Moving On In His Life

Imlie Dec 29, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Abhishek thanks Chini over the phone and says that he saw his family happy today because of her and that it is important to him. Sugar says that she is important to him. Abhishek asks her to be as honest as ever, as she was in her first meeting and asks if she is happy with her engagement. Sugar says that she is her and says that she is very irritable, then she says that she is very funny. She disconnects the call and sees Arpita, Sundar and Rupali discussing something serious and asks if they are discussing the sparkle of her engagement ring. Arpita questions if she didn’t see the sparkle in Abhishek’s eye after catching him. Rupali says that Sugar could not value or respect her sister, at least she should realize the real value of the diamond/Abhishek now or else she will be harmed. Sugar says that she insisted on Abhishek for an early engagement and convinced him for an early marriage, Abhishek is super rich. Sundar says that he is also a well educated smart boy. Sugar says that she was saying the same thing. Arpita warns her not to ruin Abhishek’s life like she ruined Imlie’s. Chini says that she is involved with Imlie’s husband and she will not be involved with Abhishek’s husband. Rupali warns her to behave herself or else she will slap him. Chini says that everyone is taking her frustration out on Imlie over her defeat. Arpita says that she is responsible for Imlie’s marital loss and asks her to accept her mistake. Sugar says that even if Imlie was happy, they would never be happy for her.

She runs out of there yelling at them and calls Imlie to see what Imlie is doing after scolding her. Devika and Shivani try to calm down an inebriated Atharv. Atharv asks if they can hear Sugar. Devika cries and prays to God. Atharva says that if she wants God to answer her, then she has to get away from him; No one talks to him including Imlie, Chini, Rudra etc.; He annoys everyone; Tomorrow’s title is DJ Arto Finish. Devika steps aside and cries more. Rudra realizes.

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