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Imlie 27th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Makes A Clever Plan Against Chini

Imlie Nov 27, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The dealer listens to Imlie’s voice sample with a cough in the background and says that it is the voice that ordered the grade 2 balloons. Shivani blames Imlie as usual. The shopkeeper does not shout tamarind, but the sound of a cough in the background. Imlie says in his sweet voice. Rudra fires the merchant and is furious with Chini for risking the life of her family. Devika says that everyone blamed Chini’s sister, but Chini herself went silent after getting her sister in trouble. Chini begins to misbehave and says that she has lost her memory due to extreme weakness and that she must have tried to trick the merchant by mistake to make sure Imlie doesn’t let her family down. She keeps faking her weakness. Imlie says that she is right. Cheeni reminds Imlie of her troubles whenever she sees a crowd and says that she gets frustrated when her sister doubts her. She walks away from her while continuing to act. Devika asks Rudra what Chini did just now. Rudra says that she understood Imlie’s drama, she was saved again thanks to the innocent Imlie, now she will use Chini’s silence against her.

Anu enters the Rathod mansion when a servant accidentally spills water on her while mopping the floor. She yells at the servant like always. Rupali and Arpita tease her, leaving her stunned. Anu says that she came to look for Chinese clothes and shoes. Rupali scoffs if she is selling Chinese goods in Chor Bazaar and refuses to give any more clothes, reminds that Rathores has taken care of the Chinese since childhood and not Anu, and informs that they will bring the Chinese back home tomorrow. . Anu gets angry and leaves.

Imlie is hurt by remembering Cheeni’s act and believing it to be real. Atharv walks towards her. Imlie emotionally describes her concern for Chini and says that she does not want Rudra, Atharv and the family to suspect Chini. Atharv says that he will never doubt Imlie’s trust in anyone and comforts her. The song Kesariya Tera Ishq Hai Piya… plays in the background. Imlie calms down and feels romantic. Atharv says that he will always trust Imlie. Imlie says she’ll go check on the sugar. She walks for sugar. Cheeni begins her emotional drama all over again. Imlie, as usual, easily falls for her drama and comforts him. Chini thinks that Imlie is so easy to fool that she will use the same health problem and fool Frog as well.

The next morning, Imlie asks Chini how she feels now. Sugar says that she is better but she still feels weak. Rudra says that he is worried about Sugar’s condition, she needs treatment more than care. He informs Devika about the time of her arrival. Sugar asks who. The health center staff come in and say they came to take Chini away for treatment. The Chinese were surprised. Rudra tells Imlie that Sugar’s condition is more serious than they thought and she needs treatment.

Precap: Imlie asks Rudra not to send Chini to the health care facility and to let her take care of Chini. Atharv says that Sugar is absolutely fine and does not need treatment. Rudra says that if the news about Sugar’s mistake gets out, he can be charged with attempted murder. Sugar refuses to leave, but the medical center staff pull her out of the way. Rathod walks in and sees all the drama.

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