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Imlie 27th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Cheeni Gets Kidnapped

Imlie Aug 27, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

Tamarind calls Chini to worship her and finds her missing. Everyone cares and looks for him. Aryan goes to see the images of the security cameras. Anu alleges that the petty thief Chini stole the golden idol of Bal Gopal given to him by Malini and went out to sell it. Tamarindo gets angry and warns him to shut up. Anu asks her what she said. Tamarind says that she was silent for 6.5 years, but not now. Malini warns her to behave. Tamarind warns her to keep quiet and tells her that Anu is wrongly accusing the little one, that she will not keep quiet and she will teach them a lesson. Neela supports Anu and her tongue curses Tamarind. Aryan brings the CCTV footage and shows it to Tamarind and the others. Anu says that it is clear that the Chinese are stealing the idol. Tamarind yells at him again. Arpita further supports Tamarind and warns Anu. Narmada asks them to stop fighting and worries about Chini.

Aryan warns Anu that she regards Cheeni’s insult as her insult and that their feud will be too strong for Anu. He asks Tamarind to find out about the sugar soon. Malini thinks that Aryan and Tamarind are good at dialogue and she feels that they can’t find sugar anymore.

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