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If Sheezan was innocent, he shouldn’t have deleted the chats, says Pawan Sharma, Tunisha’s uncle – News

The latest update in the case of Tunisha Sharma concerns the ongoing interrogation of Sheejan Khan. He was brought into court today (December 28) for a custody hearing. The actor appeared before the judge for the process and the police requested 2 more days of preventive detention for the actor. When Tunisha’s uncle Pawan Sharma spoke to the media, he revealed, “I don’t want to make any statement, we will talk about the decision only after two days of remand.”

He further said, “If I was innocent, then I didn’t need to delete the chat.” I don’t know what CCTV footage the police have received or not. We are waiting for the investigation to be completed, only then will we know. Today the police presented the remand report and they mentioned the same thing that Tunisha had shared with her mother that Sheejan had relationships with other women. Sheejan had deleted all the chats before or after Tunisha’s suicide. ,

Lawyer Tarun Sharma revealed: “We did not show up at the holiday court for the December 25 hearing. The relatives had asked for homemade food and the former judge had approved it. I just got an objection about this. Why would a defendant receive such treatment in jail?”

Tunisha’s phone was also searched, where her and Sheejan’s chats were read. Related to this, Pawan Sharma shared, “Tunisha’s phone is not unlocked so the police have asked for more days. When will the phone be unlocked and more things will be revealed. She deleted those chats to hide something that will come out.

Speaking about the case, lawyer Amit Mishra revealed: “A report will be issued after the next preventive hearing, where the chats before the suicide of the actress were deleted and what were the conversations between the two. Police have requested police custody for two more days to further investigate the matter.”

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