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Harphoul Mohini July 26, 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini rises to fame on TV

Harphoul Mohini July 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Mai tells Mohini that you did the impossible. The whole country sees your strength. I’m so proud of you. She says to her father’s photo, look at the woman I found for our harphoul. Santoh says all famous people share it. Harphoul is happy too. Mohini says we all did this together. Mai says, but it was your idea. Mohini says to Harphoul that I said you are strong together. We should have passed out. He says don’t be so proud of a good cause. She smiles. He shakes her hand. Mai says you can’t shake her hand until you appreciate her. He says Mohini’s wisdom can help us fight him. do you want to be my partner Mohini says I’ll think about it. She shakes hands. Both smile. Mohini says we had to make the first move. Women come in and say that Mai Mohini and Harphoul are on TV.

Balwant is angry. Mohini says to Harphoul, leave my hand. She gets a call from her sisters. Savi says, didi, you’re all over the TV. Shyamala says congratulations to Harphoul. You both did so great. Savi says Harphoul is a hero. Harphoul’s friends say the media is looking for him. Mai prays for her happiness. She says this is the second time Mohini has defeated him with her wisdom. Mohini fixes the washroom door. Harphoul helps her. The media record them. They do it together. The door hits Mohini’s head. Harphoul holds it. You assemble the door. Harphoul says it looks so good. Mohini says we made it together. He says you’re a partner.

scene 2
Balwant tells the media that I am the pawn of this land. Women are not respected here. My mother used to go to the fields. I promised that day that women will have access to a washroom. So I started it from home. I had it done at Harphoul’s house. The women say he’s such a liar. Mai comes over and shows them the washroom. She dances around like Mohini. Harphoul joins her. Everyone dances and celebrates. Balwant is angry. Mohini also joins them. May hugs her. She says let’s go inside. Mai sees Santoh’s father’s fantasy.

scene 3
Banwari’s barber is coming. He applies black ink to the faces of Rajinder and Banwari. He says Harphoul’s wife blackened our faces. She beat me twice, but she forgot I’m the lion. I had to resign twice. You can’t imagine what I won’t do. He asks Rajinder, what’s your name? He says Harphoul. Balwant hits him.
Shalini says no one thought who was washing those dishes. They called everyone. Balwant calls her. Mohini sees her phone ring. he chooses it.

episode ends

Update credit to: Atiba

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