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Harphoul Mohini 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Devi comes to the village

Harfall Mohini Nov 9, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Mohini says that I won’t leave her alone. can you leave me again Harfaul says why do you repeat this? I made a mistake. I will never repeat it. The girl says that you two always fight. Harphool says we’re big, we’re talking. The girl asks who she is. Mohini says Harphool. She says that he never laughs. I’ll call it Gobi Phool from now on. Mohini says that even if you don’t support me, I won’t leave her here alone. says Harfaul Mohini. He takes the girl on the bus. Harphool is left confused. Harfaul says I won’t repeat by mistake. He runs after the bus. The girl says that she is coming. Harphool gets on the bus. He says I promised to always support you. I’ll take it home. The girl says that Mohini sees a flower but not like a Gobi flower. She says I like milk. Harphool is afraid of him. Mohini gives him bubbles. She plays with them. Harphool sees her in all the bubbles. He is confused. Mohini asks him to pay for the bubbles. She says watch out gobi ka phool. She says don’t call me. Mohini says don’t talk to him like that. She says in her heart that she wishes she could tell you who she is.

Mohini and Harfall get off the bus. Devi disappears. Mohini looks for him. Devi drinks a lot of milk at the dairy. Mohini asks are you okay? The merchant asked to pay it. She says that Harphool will pay. She says that she has drunk 10 glasses of milk. Harphool is surprised. He says that she is not a normal mermaid.

scene 2
Balwant and his men surrounded the house. He says that I will catch Mohini and Harphool right here when they come here. No one can save them today. Devi says for her to pick me up at Harfaul. He carries it on her back. She says you’re too tall. Harphool remembers how she was born. He sits.

Harfaul says that the whole town is now against Mohini. My father should be proud of me. He remembers the woman and tells her that he will get the curse of the Goddess. Devi herself will come to punish you. Devi enters the village. Balwant is electrocuted with the photo of his father, he falls. Devi says this is our village? She looks around her. People gather around Mohini and Harfall. They are confused. Devi says that the people here are very beautiful. Bali gets there. Ragini says where did her stomach go? she gave birth? He is a demon. Do people say you just did the magic of the hat? And who is this child? Mohini says enough. Listen to me. I have never been pregnant before. I had a tumor, they treated me. I’m ok now. Ragini says don’t do this drama. She says I don’t have any black powers. Ragini says that she can’t fool us. Harfaul tells everyone to shut up. Now I will tell what is the truth. What black power are you talking about? She had an illness. can’t you get it? Ragini says that she is lying.

Devi says that they are telling the truth. Ragni asks to call Balwant. Devi says that children don’t lie. I was in the hospital where Mohini’s operation was done. Devi says all of you look me in the eye. It keeps that story in everyone’s mind. Harfaul says what did she do? Ragini says that Mohini was sick but now she is fine. I saw it myself.

end the episode

Precap- Ek Baba says that someone will come and destroy your Balwant life. His house is on fire. Devi enters.

Update Credits: Atiba

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