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Harphoul Mohini 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Sushila and her child die

Harfaul Mohini Aug 5, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Mohini says that her blood pressure is very low. She gets out and asks Harphool to call an ambulance. Ragini says that if Mohini touches that girl, we won’t let her stay here. Divyani says break this door. She tried to break down the door. Harphool’s friend arrives. Mohini gives Sushila medicine. Harfaul tells Mohini that the ambulance will take another 15 minutes. Mohini says we can’t wait that long. Harfaul says we can’t lose Sushila and that boy. Balwant tells Banwari that the boy has to die. That ambulance shouldn’t make it to town. And Mohini will be blamed for this. Sharda listens. Mohini checks Sushila’s blood. She says I can give her blood. Mohini gives him her blood.

Sharda says that I have to help Mohini and save two lives. People try to break down the door. Harphool yells that I will break Divyani’s legs if anyone steps forward. Divyani says you’re threatening me? Sharda calls Mai and tells her that Balwant is not allowing the ambulance to enter. Mai calls out to Harphool. Ragini says get out of my way. Harfols’ friend tells him about the ambulance. Harphool says my blood is impure, right? He draws a line outside the door with his blood and says no one can cross it? My blood is impure. All of you will also become impure. He tells his friends to make a video of him if anyone touches his impure blood.

Harphool goes to check on the ambulance. Mohini asks Sushila to take a deep breath. She says that I hope an ambulance arrives soon. Harphool saw Balwant’s men digging up the road. Balwant asks his men to dig all the roads. Harphool calls the driver and tells him the alternate route. Harphool sees that they have also closed on the other side. Ragni and other ladies try to wash the door. Divyani says that now he cannot treat Sushila and her child. They try to break down the door. Mohini freaks out. She says I can’t hear her heartbeat. Sushila moaned in pain. Harphool brings ambulance. Sushila closed her eyes. Mohini cries. she screams.

Harfaul says siren… the ambulance is here. Mohini goes out with the boy. The menu is also displayed. Mohini is silent. Harfol asks what happened. Ragini says that the baby is not crying. Harfaul Sushila says?

scene 2
Balwant kills his men. He says that because of you he took an ambulance. How did you know I blocked the roads? A woman says that the child is not alive. He’s fine, she was a girl. Sharda’s phone falls off. Balwant saw it. He kicks. Balwant says that now they will save Sushila and her child. The old lady says that if she died then she is fine. she was a woman Ragni says that this madrasa also made her impure. And Sushila could not give birth to a boy in 7 years and now a girl. She must be a sinner. Mohini says that she has some shame. You yourself are a woman. Mohini says that these people will never be able to appreciate women. Thank God you’re not alive to take care of your mother. You can make your father proud, but these people won’t let you. Mohini cries. Mohini says Who are all of you who decide a girl’s ability and life? The women taunt him and tell him that he has defiled this house. We have to wash it. Ragni says that we have to clean this house. This girl is also a dead load. Mohini says that no one will touch this child. She tells Ragini that this is your third and last mistake and she can’t forgive him.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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