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Harphoul Mohini 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini tries to save Sushila’s life

Harfaul Mohini Aug 4, 2022 Episode Written, UttarPradeshLive.Com Update Written

scene 1
Mohini remembers that she saw some vegetables in the box. Mohini makes halwa and shows it to Mai. She cries. Harphool looks at Mohini lovingly. Mohini says that Amma sits on this chair. Mai says you made halwa for your babu but pundit ji is not here. Vijayan makes a video call to Mohini and says that I fixed pandits here. He will direct the bidding from here. They join in a video call. Mai worships with him. The worship ends. My thanks Vijayan. He says we are a family, he glad we were a part of his day. Mai says that you are Mohini’s ray of hope. Mai says that you will eat prasad even before me. Shalini says I don’t want this. Mohini says don’t say no to Prasad. Shalini says that we do not eat from the hands of people whose castes are unknown. I won’t shut up How are you using our kitchen and temple? I can’t stay with him. Mai says then pack your bags and go. Shalini says how can you do that. Mai says you want this yourself. I did not say that. She tells the saints to watch what your mai says. Santoh says that he is right. Mai says that she is also pretending to be hurt. Shalini says I won’t go. It is a sin to drink from her hand.

A girl comes and says that Mohini Sushila is having a lot of labor pains. Mohini gets her baby out of first aid and goes with him. Harphool goes with her. Shalini informs Balwant. Balwant tells Divyani that you know what to do? She said yes.

scene 2
Mohini arrives at Sushila. Divyani, Ragni and their women stop Mohini from going to Sushila. Mohini says not today. Ragini says we can’t let you in. Your caste is unknown. Mohini says please let me go. The old lady says you can’t come in. Mohini says that it is about Sushila’s life. The old woman says that it is better to touch her than to let her die. Mohini says they are all crazy? They push it. Mohini says no one can stop me. Sushila moaned in pain. The women drag Mohini away. Mohini holds a stick. Divyani says you can’t take on us.

Mohini orders the menu to give Sushila strength. She says I’m going. Mohini pushes them away. Divyani hit him on the head. Harphool arrives. The men grabbed him with ropes. yells Harphool Mohini. He holds his hand. Mohini faints. Haprhoul is pulled by men. Mohini falls to the ground. Harphool tries to fight them off. Rajinder tells Balwant about his condition. Harfaul says Mohini, you are strong. Stand up. Harfaul says that Mohini thinks the whole time I made you mad. They try to drag it with the tractor. Mohini tries to get up. He says get up mother son. Malayali says. Mohini wakes up. Divyani is still there. Mohini hands Menu a first aid kit. She says that I will keep my promise. Mohini pushes Divyani. Harphool kills men. Mohini fights alone with all the women.

Mohini asks Menu to wear gloves and request medicine. Harphool says your sister’s life is in danger. She has some shame. Mohini fights with them. Says Mohini.. Mohini pushes the women away and runs inside. They fall. Harphool is standing in the doorway. They turn it off. Harphool asks Mohini are you okay? She said yes. He cleans her wound. Harphool says that I will stay here and protect you.

Mohini enters. He sees blood. Sushila says will you save my son Mohini?

end the episode

Precap-Harphoul says I will draw a line with my blood and see who will cross it. Balwant asks his men to stop the ambulance.

Update Credits: Atiba

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