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Harphoul Mohini 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Harphoul celebrates festival for Mohini

Harfaul Mohini Sep 22, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Harfaul says I made these flyers for the opening. He says that it should be distributed everywhere. His friends take it. Mai shows it to Mohini. Mohini entered. Harfaul says sorry. He was wrong. Mohini won’t do anything. He says I’m apologizing. Mohini says you can’t heal my wound. He says I’m handing out flyers everywhere. Harfall’s menu and friends share it everywhere. Harfaul says that Mai always forgives me. Mohini says I’m not your mother. You can’t hurt people like that. He says that it’s okay to get angry. Mohini says I will.

Balwant says they both sent me to jail but I’ll separate them both. Banwari arrives at the police station. The SP says that the meeting time is over. Get out of here Banwari says this is important. The policemen took him out. Mohini hugs the books from him. He remembers how he saved lives. Mohini remembers people telling her that she should be a doctor. She remembers what Harphool had said. Mohini throws away the paper she wrote the rules of love on. Mai says I know you’re crazy but I know you can’t live without eating. Having food Mohini hugs him and tells him that she understands me without words. When will Harphool learn? Mai says that will change over time. She grew up in this environment. She tried to correct her mistake. Let’s get ready for the opening. I would be very proud. Mohini says that it is a public holiday in our village. Mohini tells how they used to celebrate that festival. Harphool listens to him.

scene 2
Mohini buys medicine. His sisters call. Mohini wishes you a Happy Olam. They ask you what have you done to celebrate? Savi says why didn’t you put on the new dress? She says that Harfaul gave me a new dress. We’ll be ready when we get home. They ask if Harphool did something to celebrate. Mohini says that she has decorated the whole house and has also put on our traditional dress for men. Mohini is upset.

Mohini comes home. The whole house is decorated in a traditional style. Mohini dances around. Everything is like Kerala. Everyone is dressed in Kerala clothes. Mohini tells Shalini and Mai that they both look great. Mohini hugs him. Mohini says mai you did a lot for me. She says Harfol did all of this. Mohini says they all look great. Mai says don’t ask her what Harphool looks like? Harphool exits. Everyone is happy to see him. Go down in style. Mohini smiled. Harphool says you won’t forgive me at your festival? He says sorry. Mohini says that he is fine. Abhi says to take our photos and help us find the girls in his city too. Everyone laughs. Mai tells Mohini to get ready. Mohini’s hand touches Harfall. They both smile.

Mohini gets ready. she walks out Harphool looks at her and smiles. Harphool looks at her.

end the episode

update in progress

Update Credits: Atiba

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