Harphoul Mohini 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini asks Harphoul to fast for her

Harphoul Mohini 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini asks Harphoul to fast for her

Harphoul Mohini 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini asks Harphoul to fast for her

Harfaul Mohini Aug 15, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Mohini looks at the plant and says Muskan didi I will keep all the promises I made to Harveer. Mohini sees people approaching his house. He opens the door and stands in front of Mai. She says no one will say a word to my mother. The old lady says you should have told us the truth, Phoolmati. Your DIL’s diary fell on the street and we saw the caste of it. Mai says I didn’t intentionally say that because it doesn’t matter. Mohini says that it doesn’t matter whose caste it is. We must respect all human beings. We should see people based on their actions. The villagers apologize to him. He says we have some grains. Harphool says to take it from here. You disrespected my mother and the food of my land.

Sarpanj tells Balwant that we have to correct that mistake. Everybody knows the truth. Mohini asks Harphool to forgive them. She says that you are a bigger person than him. Mai says that Mohini is right. Harphool shakes his head. However, he says that he will never forget it. Meenu’s husband gives Mohini sweets and says that my son sent them. She says thank you. Balwant’s man repairs Abhimanyu’s shop.

scene 2
Mohini cleans the house. she falls Mohini caught him. Mohini says that I feel like we have started to trust each other. I have begun to trust you. She says do with it. Harfaul says I trust you too. Mohini smiled.

At night, Mohini asks Harphool to pack the chadar. He says don’t order me. He falls down.. Mohini catches him. She says look I saved you. He takes her hand and says that he is slippery here. She says you can’t do anything without my support. She says you’ll need my support too. she says she didn’t bet on it. Meeni comes and takes Mohini outside. She says let’s get ready for pooja. Mohini is sitting with them. Mehndi is applied on his hand. Mohini looks at Harphool.

scene 3
Divyani is applied mehendi. She says don’t mess up my nail polish. Balwant says that these are the women of this palace, they live inside our house. Mai Mohini tells women to fast on this day for their husbands. Mohini says that her husband can also celebrate by keeping a fast. What does Shalini say? Mohini says yes, they must also fast. Harfaul says that he asks a lot of questions. Mohini says what’s the problem asking? She says that women fast for the long life of their husbands. Harfaul says that she can’t stay hungry. I will see how she fasts her. Mohini says that I am fasting for you. You also fast for me. She says that if she does then I will fast. Mai says that Mohini is right. Mohini says that the husband should also pray for his wife’s life. The old lady says that this is our custom. Only women fast. Mohini says why? The life of the wife is not important. Shalini asks Harphool if she will fast. He says I won’t. Meenu writes the M for Mohini on Harfaul’s hand. Mohini says look I have H. H is for the humor you never have. He says how can I smile, I have married you. He says that I will not fast. Mohini says that I won’t either.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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