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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Written Update 18th March 2022:- Malaika is back in action

The episode begins with Vimlesh asking Rajjo and the commissioner to submerge him in water. Happu scolds everyone asking how to solve the issue. Amma says I will ask new solution, but Rajjo says Vimlesh and I will go. Happu warns not to eat sweets at all.

In school, Bajjo eats bananas when Malaika comes. Chamchi hugs Malaika. Malaika asks Buzo why is he troubling my sister and brother. Hrithik says please calm down, talk to him softly. Ranveer says we will throw him, else he will bother us more. Hrithik asks to be calm. Malaika gave a challenge to Bajjo Bajjo touched Malaika’s feet and said that I am your big fan, I want to be just like you. Malaika Weeks tells not to waste the powers on the people but use it against the wrong people. Bajjo agrees and gives this paya to them.

Vimlesh and Rajjo talk when 3 goons grabs them with a knife, asking us to give everything. Malaika, Hrithik, Ranveer and Chamchi come. Rajjo asks Malaika to stop them. Chamchi says Malaika is bound by oath. Malaika says I need Happu’s permission. Hrithik calls Happu after narrating everything. Happu Malaika says he meant not to fight unnecessarily, he meant not to tolerate wrong things, I take back my oath, show him his place.
Malaika fights and fights with all the goons with Lath Gadh Doon music. She beats the goons. Goons ask sorry.

The commissioner asks about Manohar, Manohar says about him. Happu says Manohar is lying. Commissioner says I am pardoning you, like Malaika did such a good job, she beat all the goons. Happu asks how do you know? The commissioner says watch his viral video, I will also give him a medal. Happu says just give your blessings. Manohar says that Happu kids are smart then he.
Rocky comes and tells them that Malaika has beaten him. Happu gets shocked

Kat praises Malaika and asks her to take rest and your hand is swollen. Kamlesh comes and troubles Malaika. Malaika smiles while Kat says please go, we will talk later. Kamlesh says I will play game with Malaika today. Kat does not ask today, but Kamlesh insists. Malaika says today I will show how good you are. Malaika beats Kamlesh in black and blue when Kat reveals that Happu has taken back the oath. Kamlesh cries

Rajjo, Vimlesh find a romance, but Happu and Beni deny. But when they get angry they all turn romantic.

Precap:- Amma says holi should be played without alcohol. Benny says we will have bhang.

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