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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo makes healthy food for family

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Nov 7, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Amma and Happu talking to Sunaina. Amma tells Sunaina that she looks fine and that she was healthy before. Sunaina says that she does intermittent fasting. Amma asks what is this disease? Sunaina says that it is not a disease and says that she eats with an interval of eight hours. Rajjo brings the samosa. Sunaina tells them that samosas are very bad. Amma says I spend my whole life eating it. Sunaina says that if you hadn’t eaten it, you would have looked 10 years younger. Happu says that Amma is good and tells her that Rajjo gives them delicious food and shows them his stomach. Sunaina’s husband arrives. She asks him to run for 2 more rounds. She says that our body is like a temple and we will worship it. She is inspired by Sunaina and tells her that she doesn’t have dark circles, but Rajjo does. He asks Sunaina to open a gym and tells her that Rajjo will be her first client. Rajjo gets angry. Later, Happu is combing her hair. Rajjo asks what happened to him, that he is praising Sunaina. Happu says that Sunaina is very fit. Rajjo asks if he measured her waist. Happu asks him not to disturb the subject. He says that if your friend is talking about healthy living, then what is wrong with him? He tells Rajjo that she cooks delicious food, not healthy food. He asks what her problem is. Rajjo says that I am cooking unhealthy food and serving everyone. Happu goes to PS. Hrithik, Ranbir and Chamchi are in a store and order something. Chamchi says that he makes heavy breakfast. The shopkeeper asks what your mother gave you in the tiffin. They open the tiffin and find roti and bhindi. Hrithik says who eats this boring food. The shopkeeper asks them to give their tiffins and he will give each of them a hamburger. Hrithik thanks him.

Vimlesh tells Rajjo that he had asked Beni to teach him ginger tea, but he hasn’t learned it yet. Rajjo tells Vimlesh that Happu was praising Sunaina and accuses him of being careless with everyone’s health. Vimlesh says this is your love. Rajjo says that he was found guilty and says that Amma will not eat greasy food. She says that even the children will not like it. She says that she has decided to make healthy food. Porridge and steamed vegetables are served afterwards. Happu asks Amma if she is hungry. Amma says she doesn’t. Happu asks why porridge is made today. Rajjo says that he has made them boiled vegetables. Amma asks Happu to apologize. Happu apologizes and asks her to bring normal food. Kat and Malaika love boiled food. Amma says she can’t have it. Rajjo says that you are lazy and can’t do anything. He asks Amma to take it easy. Happu asks if you will make aloo paratha later. Logic. Rajjo says that he will only cook boiled food. Happu says that I understand your intention, but the way is wrong. They say that if you suddenly apply the brakes, everyone will fall. Rajjo says all your brakes don’t work. They say that the children are sleeping after drinking water. Rajjo checks his waist and says that he is 45 inches. She asks him to sit down and drink some water.

without precap.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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