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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo steals money again for Gabbar

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Aug 4, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Benny running out of the house. Vimlesh runs after him and asks if she heard everything. He says that he didn’t hear anything. Vimlesh asks him to pledge the gift given to him by the Queen of Uganda. He refuses and says that he will tell Happu. He says you have framed Amma. He says that she will go and tell Happu. Vimlesh makes her swear that if she says anything to Happu, she will leave the house. Happu and Rajjo come to Amma. Happu asks her if she slept last night. Amma says that she did, and she was cursing the daughter-in-law while she slept. Happu says that she looks like she didn’t sleep well. Amma says that Dokar said that she was snoring. Happu says you stole money in your sleep. Amma says I didn’t steal. Malaika says you did this in your sleep. Rajjo says that she saw it. Amma asks what were you doing? Rajjo says that he heard the noise and came out. Amma says that she doesn’t really remember anything. Malaika says that I will hypnotize Dadi into telling the truth. He asks Amma to look into the locket after counting to 10 and closing her eyes. Amma closes her eyes. Malaika asks him to open his eyes and give the correct answer. Amma opens her eyes and says that you are Malaika. He is not hypnotized, but Happu is hypnotized.

Benny brings tea. Happu asks if you won’t drink today. Benny thinks that he can’t drink alcohol or else he will tell the truth. Happu says that he has bad luck. Benny thinks I’m unlucky. Happu asks what happened. Benny tells her not to worry and says that everything will be fine. Happu says I carry the key but 2 lakh has been stolen from me. He asks if he had any fights with Vimlesh. Benny cries. Happu asks her not to cry. He says Resham Pal can’t kick me out, but my job is in jeopardy. Because of Vimlesh, Benny feels that he cannot open his mouth.

Kat arrives at the store and asks the boy to chaat. The chaat vendor slaps him repeatedly as Kamlesh does his voice. Kamlesh tells Cat that he has now been changed to catch the cat, since he was unable to catch the dog. Cat says I helped you catch the dog. Kamlesh says that there was no dog there. Kat says I heard a dog barking behind our house. Kamlesh says that the dog was your Nanu, who was sitting behind the trees. Kat doesn’t believe him and asks him how dare he blame my Nanu. Kamlesh says this happened, I was transferred because of your maternal grandfather. Kat says I don’t believe you. Kamlesh says that if you don’t believe me, I won’t talk to you.

Vimlesh mixes sleeping pills with saffron milk. Rajjo says that he doesn’t like doing this. Benny listens to them and says that he won’t let anything bad happen to his friend. Vimlesh blackmails her. says Rajjo if he happens to her. Vimlesh says that nothing will happen, once he put Beni to sleep. Benny says but you can’t do this with Happu. Rajjo approaches Happu and asks him to drink saffron milk. Happu refuses to drink. Rajjo insists. Benny walks over to the window and begs her not to give it to him. Happu asks what is there? Rajjo says cat. She emotionally blackmails him into drinking milk. Happu takes the glass and drinks. Benny feels bad and says that it is a betrayal. Happu says that she drank milk even though she had gas. He sleeps. Thanks Ray.

Kat thinks it won’t help Kamlesh and listens to the cat’s voice. Kamlesh tries to catch the cat and catches the snake. She calls out to Kamlesh and asks him to catch the cat. Kamlesh gets there and catches Gabbar who is saying cat voice. He thinks why am I watching him, if I’m going to die. Gabbar slaps him. Kamlesh asks what are you doing here? He asks where the cat is. Gabbar says that he was doing voice. He says the mouse got into my shirt, so he was giving the cat a voice. Kamlesh asks what you will do if the snake gets inside your clothes. Gabbar says that he will play the flute and sends her to another street. He wonders where Lalla is. Rajjo and Vimlesh come there and give him Rs 2 lakh. Gabbar says I’ll pay off the loan this time. Rajjo says I’m helping you for the last time. Benny sees this and says they’re cheating on my friend. He cries and says Chomulal.

without precap.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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