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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo puts the theft blame on Amma

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan Aug 3, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written at UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Gabbar making a dog sound outside Rajjo’s house. Kamlesh gets there and drags her away. She is surprised to see Gabbar and wonders why the dog looks like Grandpa. Gabbar asks what this abuse is and slaps him. Kamlesh asks if you were giving birth here and barking. Gabbar says that he wanted to chase away other animals. Cat says that in such a situation the dog bites something. Gabbar asks why you are hanging this bag. Kamlesh says that he got the job and earns 500 rupees per dog. Gabbar asks if there are any openings. Kamlesh says you’re too old for this job. He asks her to go to the other street. Kamlesh goes. Gabbar barks. Rajjo and Vimlesh go there and give him money. Vimlesh asks him not to gamble again. Rajjo asks him not to disturb her. Gabbar leaves.

The next day, Amma asks Happu to give her the keys, in case she can’t handle them. Happu says I’m an inspector and I can drive. Amma says that I am thinking of buying a plot with this money. Happu says no and says we’ll use it when needed. Amma slaps him and leaves. Resham Pal calls Happu and tells him that he can’t come to PS. Happu asks why? Resham Pal says that his brother-in-law needs Rs 6 lakh and there is a cash limit in his ATM, so he will ask his friends. Happu asks if he loves his brother-in-law that much. Resham Pal says that he is helpless. Happu says that I have about 6 lakh money and I will help you. Resham Pal says that he will return it in 2 days. He says I’ll think about your promotion. Happu is happy. Resham Pal asks you to take the money to PS.

Hrithik says that we are finally going to Nepal. Chamchi says dad is the best. Ranbir says that he can cancel our trip. He says that he has dreamed. The teacher gets there and asks if he talked to his father. Ranbir says we think for you and talk to dad. He says that he agreed. Chamchi says that we have decided to go. The teacher calls his wife and asks her to start packing.

Happu PS prepares to go out. He calls Rajjo and Amma. Amma asks why you are crying. Happu says 2 lakh has been stolen. Amma slaps him. Rajjo says that it is a huge amount, I will make bracelets. Happu says that when no one knows about it except us, how do they steal it? Amma asked her to ask his wife. Rajjo says that he wears the key around his neck. Happu asks if you mean I stole it. He says that he will catch the culprit and take his fingerprints. Rajjo tells Happu that he wants to tell her something and says that Amma got up in the night and went there. Amma asks what are they talking about? Happu asks if you can tell him about this in front of him. Rajjo says that he stole it, but he doesn’t know. She says I’ll find it. Happu says that Resham Pal is waiting in PS. Happu arrives in PS and greets Resham Pal. Resham Pal says that you saved me today and says that I am seeing a younger brother in you. Happu says I’ve brought money, but there’s a problem. He says that I opened my almirah and found only 4 lakhs, and he says that someone stole 2 lakhs. Resham Pal wakes up and says that now I can see your blurred face. Happu asks him to listen. Resham Pal says that my brother in law will complain to my wife and then… he says that I will not forget you for 15 days. Happu tells him to calm down and take 4 lakhs now. Resham Pal says if my brother-in-law doesn’t get a job, I’ll eat your job and your promotion. Happu asks you to take Rs 4 lakh and take 2 lakh from someone else. Resham Pal asks if you think I’m a beggar and says I spit out your money. He says salt. Then he goes and falls over, screaming.

Vimlesh says it’s a good thing he saved dad. Rajjo says that she almost got caught and the truth was about to come out. She says that he told her that if she saw Amma sleeping, then Amma could happen too… Vimlesh says that you are bad for catching Amma. Rajjo says that if he hadn’t taken Amma’s name, your brother-in-law would have printed my name in the newspaper. She says that as long as Dad returns the money, I’ll keep it. Gabbar gets there and says that he has come to collect money. He says when he was taking money, when I thought he would play and lose money again. Rajjo and Vimlesh are shocked. Gabbar asked for Rs 2 lakh. Vimlesh says that you don’t know anything and says that he won’t give her tea. Rajjo says come at night and give voice to the cat. Gabbar says that he is fine. Benny listens to them.

without precap.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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