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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo goes to her mayka

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Happu waking up in the morning and thinking that Rajjo got up early today. She received the letter from her, in which she had written that she had to go to Badaun early in the morning. Happu imagines dancing. He writes that Dhoomar had fractured, so she goes to Kat and informs Amma and Vimlesh. She writes that she left after kissing him and hopes that Vimlesh will take care of the house until she returns.

Vimlesh reaches there and gives Happu tea. She asks did you get the letter? Hapu says yes. She takes a sip of her tea and wonders if it’s tea or phenyl. He asks if you added anything to it. She says yes and says that Amma is making breakfast today and from tomorrow she will make the food. Happu says that they used to eat simple food and asks him not to experiment. She asks him to prepare the children for school.

Happu bathes Hrithik and Ranbir. The children say that they are small now and feel shy to bathe. Happu says you used to pee on my face and now you’re embarrassed. He comes out of the bathroom.

Vimlesh is preparing Chamchi. The boys ask Chamchi why he is taking so long. Chamchi says that doing your hair takes time. Amma brings breakfast. Hrithik asks where the omelette is between the sandwiches. Amma asks them to take it and leave. Ranbir says we want egg, we want protein. Happu asks don’t be ashamed, my mother cooks at this age and you want different things. Benny leaves the house and asks Vimlesh if he wants tea. Vimlesh says that he made tea today and asks him to come. Benny climbs over the railing and falls off. Kamlesh reaches there and takes the children from there. No one joins Benny and leaves.

Happu tells Manohar that the boys will get ready tomorrow. Resham Pal comes there. Manohar tells him that Rajjo had gone to his mother’s house. Happu says that he is fine since he was here for a few days. Resham Pal says a break is needed. He says that he is jealous of Happu. Like his wife’s maternal home is far away. He tells that he liked Zeenat, an international girlfriend, but he married his current wife. He tells Happu that Zeenat’s father refused to marry his daughter to me because I was just an inspector. He then tells Happu to go home early and enjoy until Rajesh comes back. Happu says fine. Manohar asks who will take care of this PS. Resham Pal says his wife lives here, so he has the answer.

Happu and Amma do not like the food prepared by Vimlesh. Benny asks them to thank him, otherwise he won’t cook. Malaika asks him to praise Vimlesh maasi. Vimlesh gets there and asks how many rotis to take. Happu says that he has done it. Ranbir says that it is amazing. Vimlesh tells that he has cooked food for the first time. Ranbir says that he doesn’t know if he has masala or not. Vimlesh asks if he is telling the truth. Benny tells him to eat and check. Vimlesh tastes the food and praises the wonderful food prepared by him and goes to bring the Pulav.

Beni congratulates Happu on his break. Happu says that the wife will go often. Benny says that he married late, so don’t miss his single life. Happu says I remember you used to say, you yourself are Vimlesh. Happu says that he is enjoying the single life. Beni asks if Rajjo found out that you are drinking. Happu asks will you tell him? Benny says no. Happu says that we will drink secretly and not tell Vimlesh.

No proposal.

Update credit: H Hassan

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