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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28 February 2022 Written Episode: Happu and Rajjo spoil the romantic moment

Rajjo and Happu are getting naughty romantically. Suddenly Hrithik, Chamchi and Ranveer arrive hugging her. Hrithik says we will sleep with both of you as our room heater is not working. Hrithik, Chamchi and Ranveer have Nok Jhok. Rajjo says Happu is not well, sleep with Dadi.
Dadi and Daddu are getting romantic when Dadi is about to kiss Daddu but Hrithik, Chamchi and Ranveer arrive. Dadi tells them to sleep with Happu. But Hrithik says we left, but Happu gets a headache. Daddu says Happu is clever. Chamchi is about to sleep with Dadi, but she says I am also not well and ask her to leave.

Happu and Rajjo are dancing in the room and getting romantic. But suddenly Hrithik, Chamchi and Ranveer come again. Chamchi says that Dadi’s health is also not well. Rajjo refuses. Hrithik, Chamchi and Ranveer forcefully sleep with her.

Happu and Beni talk about their bad night because of their kids. Benny says Vimlesh and I enjoy alone, but you have 9 kids, Amma, you need to spend time alone. Happu gets irritated and leaves.

Vimlesh asks Rajjo about his cooking. Rajjo tells that my mood is bad. Vimlesh asked her mood. Rajjo says when Happu and I were about to get romantic, but we got confused with our kids. Vimlesh asked go out and have fun. Rajjo denies saying that I have children and Amma. Vimlesh asks let’s have a chat. Rajjo does not agree. Vimlesh asks should I help. Rajjo asks to keep the children with him for a few days. But Vimlesh refused and left.

Amma and Babuji become romantic but get a call from their brother, who tells them about the wedding celebrations. Dadi tells the same to Daddu, and we will romance later.

Amma informs everyone about the wedding celebrations. She asks everyone to come. Happu and Beni try to avoid leaving, but Vimlesh and Rajjo say that we will definitely show our jewelry and clothes.
Happu then says we all have too many kids, what if the host gets scared. But Amma denies. Kat says I will do everyone’s makeup. Happu says we have to spend more. Rajjo says we are Amma’s DIL, we will do makeup. Amma agrees. Happu takes Rajjo inside to talk.

Precap :- Happu asks Rajjo, we both stay here and can enjoy alone time. Rajjo and Happu make some plans. Rajjo later faints.

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