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Gud Se Mitha Ishq 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Chandini Defies Nimrit

Gud Se Meetha Ishq Sep 29, 2022 Episode Written Update On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Dev confronts Nimrit and Chandini for picking on Pari and kicking her out of the house. He says that he had no hope for Chandini and asks Nimrit how he can betray her when he considers her her mother. He whips them for her bad thoughts and says that they are after her wealth and thought that Pari would get a piece of property from her, she must have given them her money. He says that Pari never asked anything and just wanted to spend time with her. Noor also questions Chandini for picking on Pari and kicking her out of the house. She tells Dev that she doesn’t want to stay in this house and she wants to find Pari first. God agrees. Chandini asks him to help her find Pari and take her back home. God agrees. Nimrit tries to stop Chandni. Chandini warns her to stop abusing him or else she should tell Dev about her and Navdeep’s evil plans.

Neil shows Dhruv the divorce decree and pleads with him to help him save his family and find Cashew. Dhruv comforts her and promises to fix everything. Kaju returns to his village with Pari and tells Pallavi the whole story. Pallavi worries about Cashew’s future. Cashew comforts her and asks her to think positive. Pari says that she likes Kaju’s house and says that she is hungry. Pallavi says that she will serve him the noodles. Pari says that this is her favorite, she likes both. Kaju asks Nutan to choose a dress for Pari.

Rajesh goes home and tells Nutan that Dev called him and said that Pari was not in the house. They both worry about Pari and Kaju. Kaju calls them and tells them that she has brought Kaju to his village and reports that Pari is upset with Dev’s manipulative behavior towards his first wife and that she didn’t want to create any more problems in Dev’s life. here with him. Nutan says that Neil is worried about her. Kaju says that he has left a letter for Neel, he will understand after reading it. She sends Pari’s photo and asks them to talk to Pari and asks her not to tell Neel and Dev about her.

Pari enjoys the cashew noodles and misses Dev. Kaju tells her a bedtime story and explains how her time with Neel was the best time of her life. Pari narrates how Dev loved and cared for her and feels sad that she has become a problem for Dev. Kaju encourages him and says that he and Pallavi will always keep him happy, soon his princess will come to take him back and they will lead a peaceful life. ; He thinks that only Dev will come to get Pari back and Neel won’t come to get her back.

Precap: Neil asks Kaju to come home with him, but he refuses. Even Pari refuses to tag along with Dev, saying that she can’t keep him happy.
Dev says her happiness is only with Pari.

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