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Gud Se Meetha Ishq 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Kajal is in trouble again

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 27th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Pari locks herself in a room and tells Devi that he is a good man, but if she comes out, her family will send her to a mental asylum. Dev asks her not to think much and come out. Pari says that he will go home, but his family will definitely send him to mental asylum. Neel assures Pari that he will not let her leave this house. Pari tries to open the door when JD comes in and asks Neel to stop lying to Pari and asks Pari to open the door as he came to take her along. Pari says Dev and Neel lied to her, so she will not open the door. JD was adamant and knocked on the door. Pari comes out of the house through the window and runs away. Nutan informs Dev and Neel. They run after the angel.

Kanal comes out of the den of human smugglers and runs on the road. Pari also runs to the same locality while Dev and Neel follow her. Kajal hides on seeing the evil woman and her goons. The evil lady notices him and alerts her goons.

Pari’s father returned home. Nutan cries and tells her that Pari has run away from home. Father panics and asks where is JD. Dhruv told that JD is talking to his client about some file. Nutan keeps on crying. The father decided to go in search of Pari. Grandfather stops him and says that Neel and Dev have already gone in search of him.

Pari keeps running while Neel and Dev follow her. Kajal hides behind the temple and prays to God to show her some way. Neel reaches the temple and walks towards it. Kajal notices him and calls him when the evil lady kidnaps him and shuts his mouth. Neel looks for her, but does not find her behind the temple. Lady throws Kajal in the car and takes away. Dev finds an angel. Pari says that she does not want to go away from home. Dev says that Neel gets irritated at times seeing his unique manner and convinces him to return home. A police officer spying on the rogue woman’s lair records a video of the woman bringing back Kajal as evidence.

Neel and Dev take Pari back home. Pari asks Dev to tell the family not to send him out of the house as he is not mentally unstable. JD scolds him and tells that he is adamant to send him to mental asylum. The evil woman sniffs Kajal’s chloroform and throws it back into a room and orders her colleagues to prepare the girls to be sold abroad.

Precap: Bhumi announces that she cannot live under the same roof with Pari and hence she is leaving the house. The evil lady orders the aide to move all the girls to their other den and sell them today.

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