Gud Se Meetha Ishq 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Neil saves Kaju

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Neil saves Kaju

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 21 April 2022 Written Episode Update: Neil saves Kaju

Gud Se Meetha Ishq 21 April 2022 written episode, written update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Phoolji’s employee informed him that a sudden storm had caused landslides in the area and some of the tourists who had gone on trekking stuck on the mountain were injured. Pallavi gets worried for cashew. Phoolji takes Pallavi to the disaster site. Kaju guides her trekking team and asks them to stay on the mountain till the rain stops. She alerts the rival guide to come to her side as there may be a landslide on her side, but he ignores and yells at her. Land slides and tourists fight for their lives. They believe that Cashew is right and decides to stay by his side. The rain stops for a while. Police sealed the area and restricted human entry. Pallavi reaches there with Fuji and requests the inspector to let her go as her daughter is stuck on the mountain. The inspector denied her entry.

Pari gets drenched in water. JD knocked on the door and asked what was happening. Pari gets scared of him and hides behind Nutan. Nutan says let JD handle her and take her out. JD warns him to stop ruining their dignity and dares not to leave his room till Dhruv’s marriage is over. Dadi handles him and takes him away. Pari is happy to leave JD and hugs Nutan and requests her to give her new clothes for Dhruv’s wedding.

Pallavi and Phoolji beg the inspector to help Kaju reach the mountain, but he refuses to fear for his life again. Kaju guides his team to the descent. Back at Bhanu’s house, Dhruv remembers Bhanu and demands to send Pari back to Delhi if he wants to enjoy the wedding. The family sees him sad and tries to cheer him up. The father asked him to enjoy the remaining 3 days for his marriage, so he would not be able to enjoy life. Dhruv says that he can enjoy only if he sends Pari back home. Father feels sad. Neil checks the news. Grandpa asks if he wants to go to the mountain and allows him to go. He hugs Grandpa and Grandma and runs away.

Neel reaches the base of the mountain and asks Phoolji and Pallavi if the people trapped on the mountain came down. Phoolji shouts at him. Kaju helps his team to get down the mountain and is trapped alone. Neil saves her. They both roll down the mountain. He asks how is she. She nods her head yes. Kaju meets Pallavi and reaches the rescue camp. Pallavi asks who was the boy who saved her. She calls a tourist and tells the whole story. Pallavi warns him to stay away from the city boy. Neil points his thumb. She ignores him and leaves.

Back home, Pallavi cries remembering her husband. Kaju jokes that she will bring eye drops for him. Pallavi says she doesn’t need to go to the mountains again. Kaju says that she wants to earn money for them. Phoolji goes to him and says mummy ji is right, he should stop risking his life and get married with his mummy. He touches her inappropriately. Cashews are weird. Mom goes to get water for him. Phoolji warns her that he does not like her to be close to the town boy and says that he is from the locality and will
be with him forever.

Precap: Cashew gets a job in Bhumi’s house. Bhumi asks her to get food for Pari who is mentally stable. Cashew enters Pari’s room. Neil meets her there and gets mad.

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