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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Chavans And Sai Celebrate Ganesh Chaturti At Their Homes

Ghoom Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Aug 27, 2022 Episode Written Update On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Pakhi gets excited when Virat changes his clothes. She apologizes and says that she will get out. Virat asks her to stay behind since this is also her room and she changes her clothes in the bathroom. She comes out wearing a police uniform. Pakhi asks if she is going to look for Ganeshji’s idol. He says that he brings the idol home every year. On the other hand, Sai and Savi prepare to receive Ganpati Bappa. Jagtap brings Bappa’s idol singing and dancing along with the musicians. Savi dances with her. Usha says that she never thought that Jagtap, a bully, would change so much. Sai says that he doesn’t either, but he changed. Virat also brings the idol to Chavan’s residence in a big way. Pakhi washes Virat’s feet Virat is thrilled to see Sai washing his feet in the same way. The song Tu Hi Re Tu Hi Re… plays in the background. Chavan welcomes Bappa to the house.

Jagtap installed an idol of Bappa in Sai’s house. Savi buys her a Happy Bappa Family Idol along with Bappa and her parents. Along with Vinayak Bappa’s idol, she also maintains a happy family idol. Pakhi asks where he bought it. Vinayak says that his friend gave him this gift and says that Bappa can only be happy with his family. Pakhi asks the name of his friend. Savi says. Pakhi reminds Sai that he wanted to name her daughter Savi. An image of Savi and Sai emerges from the Vinayak bag. Panditji asks Virat and his family to come to the puja. Vinayak hesitates. Pakhi asks him to sit down. Vinayak says that he is fine.

Usha asks Tai Savi to learn Puja from Sai as she will do this Puja in the future. Savi prays that her Slime will come soon. Sai was sad to hear this. Virat saw that the lamp flickered. Pakhi protects him. Virat calls Sai and says that she is fine. Pakhi feels bad. Say sorry, Virat. The family loves. Onkar expresses disappointment in him and refuses to accept Pakhi as the owner of the house. Bhajan plays in the background as Virat, Vinayak and Pakhi perform puja. Mohit gets jealous seeing Karishma laughing after seeing someone’s message.

Jagtap waits outside Sai’s house. After the puja, Savi asks him to go inside to seek Bappa’s blessings. Jagtap refuses and says that he is fine there. Usha asks Sai to spare Jagtap and invite him inside. Sai says that he is fine wherever he wants him to be. Savi returns and asks Bappa to send the Baba from her soon. Usha asks Sai what will happen if Bappa accepts Savi’s prayer. Sai says that Bappa will support her because she knows that she is right, Savi is just her mother’s daughter, she will not give in to a man who ruined her life.

Precap: Ashwini tells Virat that she has prayed to God that whoever left her never comes back into her life. Virat says that Sai’s memories are still in her heart. Ashwini says that Sai left a long time ago. Sai tells Usha that she has lost one of her children because of Virat and that she will not tell Savi about him. Savi asks who Virat is.

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