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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan July 26, 2022 Written Episode Update: Tara runs away from Ishaan’s confinement

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan July 26, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update at UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Agastya and Naveli see footage of Ishaan Pakhi’s car stopping. Agastya says that means I was right. Ishaan was behind all of this. He gets a call and is shocked. Agastya says ok thanks. He says we’ve tracked his whereabouts. He’s on a building. I go there, send the police there. Pakhi asks Tara to eat the cookies. She says I won’t eat anything Ishaan brought. I want to go to dad. Pakhi recalls that Ishaan said he caused Shanaya’s accident. Pakhi says I’m your debtor for life, Agastya. I misunderstood you so much, I was wrong. Agastya comes out of the building. He asks Naveli to send the police. Pakhi says I thought you wrong for 6 years and kept your daughter away from you. you only loved me I’m so sorry, I’m ashamed of myself. Agastya sneaks in. Tara says to Pakhi don’t worry dad won’t be mad at you. Pakhi hugs her.

Agastya sees a door. He tries to open it. Ishaan comes into the room. Agastya says Ishaan turned on the phone so he could mislead me and the police. Nobody is here. He kept them elsewhere. You must be near this place. Agastya goes out. Ishaan takes out a red saree. He also pulls out Mangalsutra and says that tomorrow we will get married. Getting ready. Pakhi says don’t be crazy. Agastya will find us. He says if you don’t listen to me you will lose your daughter.

scene 2
Tara wakes up. Pakhi tries to find a way out. Tara asks what happened? Pakhi says I tried to find a way out. Tara says if we can’t, you have to marry the bad uncle. Pakhi throws it at the wall. Pakhi says it looks like there’s an empty space behind that wall. She tries to break through the cardboard wall. Pakhi says we can walk from here but there is limited space. Only you can get out. Find dad outside. Tara says I won’t leave you. I’m afraid. Pakhi says you have to help mom. Please go from here. Dad must be there. You’re my brave girl, right? She gives her an asthma pump. Pakhi says go from here Tara. Ishaan is coming. Pakhi prevents him from opening the door. Tara expires. Ishaan is coming. He is shocked. He says you acted wisely? Do you think I can’t find her? Tara sneaks out. Pakhi tries to stop Ishaan. Pakhi stops Ishaan. She says I won’t let you go. She smothers him and says it’s because of you that I stayed away from Agastya and kept Tara away from her father. All because of you. You thought I will marry you? I’ll never forgive you. Ishaan shoves her, her head banging against the wall. Pakhi falls. Ishaan tells Pakhi you can’t stop me. Tara sneaks out. She is afraid. She thinks of Agastya and Pakhi.

Agastya spins around and looks for the building. He tells the police they need to be around. Tara says I have to find dad to save mom. She’s having an asthma attack. Ishaan ties up Pakhi. He goes in search of Tara. He says I won’t let you lead Tara.

scene 3
Dadi prays for Pakhi and Tara. She puts a candle in her hand. Mona says what are you doing? You will burn your hand. Mona throws it. Dadi says it’s a bad omen. She prays for her safety. Pakhi says Ishaan let me go. She prays for Tara. Pakhi tries to free himself. She falls off the chair. Agastya stops his car in front of the street. He asks people if they’ve seen the car. Tara is nearing the end of the tunnel. Pakhi tries to cut the ropes.

episode ends

Update credit to: Atiba

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