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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th August 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan Aug 26, 2022 Episode Written Update On UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Meera tells Vicky that we have to make them believe that if they do this, we’ll tell them their family will be free. Tara asks Pakhi if she’ll be okay. Agastya says that nothing will happen to you. Agastya asked him to choose a hand. She says that if I choose well, will I be safe? He says the correct answer, you will always be fine. Mom and dad will always be with you. He makes her laugh. Agastya receives a call. Pakhi says: do you think it will work? He says yes. But we have to get out of the house. Pakhi says I have a plan.

Vicky dances and drinks in the living room. Meera says to watch them. He says let me have some fun. Everything’s fine. She tells him to focus on her business. Mona tells Navelli that this bottle is good French wine. Naveli hides it. He is 25 years old. that Vicky can bear it. Let’s hide it. They hide it in the closet. Vicky looks at them. He did this intentionally. Vicky drinks alcohol. Agastya pretends to be Vicky and asks them to go to the other side and jump. They found Vicky drunk and hid him. Pakhi waits for Agastya.

The boss calls Meera. Does he say my plan is working? She says that they have to agree. They will work on our plan. I’ll be careful next time. Pakhi is in the room. Meera knocked on the door. Pakhi opens the door. She says what do you want? She sees that Agastya is sleeping on the bed. She entered through the back door. Meera wakes up Vicky and says are you sleeping here? I told you to watch everyone. Agastya says that this device can disable the chip. Vicky says I stole Mona’s wine. Agastya tries to deactivate Tara’s chip. Meera says what are they planning? What are they up to? Pakhi says that Roshni stopped blinking. He hugged Tara. They’re happy. Agastya says that we won. Tara says that this green light is flashing again. Meera laughs outside. She walks in and says don’t be too smart with me. Now you only have 62 hours left in this explosion. She turns it into 12 hours. Pakhi says please don’t do this. Let Tara go. Agastya looks at the code again. Meera says I should press the button? Pakhi says I’m asking you not to do this. She says don’t try to be smart with me again. She left. Pakhi Meera says please. Tara says what does she want from us? Agastya says something bad.

scene 2
Mona and everyone adore. Agastya and Pakhi perform aarti. Meera tells us to go. working time. Meera takes Tara’s hand and shows it to Pakhi.

end the episode

update in progress

Update Credits: Atiba

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