Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 15 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya Arrested

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 15 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya Arrested

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 15 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Agastya Arrested

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 15 March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Dadi says we will celebrate Holi in a grand way this time. This is the first Holi of Pakhi in this house. Agastya says yes I will make it their best Holi. You have painted my house. He is leaving for office. He gets a lesson from the era. He says sorry Pakhi I have one important thing, go for shopping with Dadi. I have to go. Pakhi tells Dadi I am getting late. I have to go. She takes a cab and follows Agastya. Agastya comes to a building. Pakhi comes there too. The watchman does not let him in. She says I want water. This is Agastya’s private hospital. Pakhi follows him. Nurse Maya says to Agastya please help me. My life will be ruined. What if the truth is out? Agastya says policeman cannot do anything. Do not worry. Pakhi gets a message from Virat. She turns off her phone. Agastya looks at him. He comes out.

Agastya says Pakhi.. he comes out.. she pushes him and says I hate you. you are an evil person. I’ll expose you You have made me so stupid. You can’t do that now. He says what are you talking about? Pakhi says stop lying. Which medicine are you giving Ishaan? That’s why he never gets well. was this your plan? I didn’t trust anyone more than you. How can I be fooled like this. He says who corrupted your mind? am i your dodo? How can you doubt me? Pakhi holds her collar and says why did you do this to Ishaan and me? What was his fault? You ruined his life. Agastya says if someone else accuses me then I will not get hurt but you are saying this, I am very hurt. Pakhi says I want answer. Why did you do it? I didn’t trust that policeman. I kept saying my dodo can’t do that. How could I be so blind? She cries. Agastya now says Inspector Singh is more trustworthy than your dodo? I thought you would always count on me.

Pakhi says I always trusted you. That was my biggest mistake. How long can you fool me? I’ve seen those reports and now I hear you talking to that nurse. you are a criminal did you do it all right? Have you tried to kill Ishaan? Maya comes out. Pakhi says tell the truth or else you will go to jail too. What medicine do you give Ishaan? Virat comes in and says Agastya Raichand.. let’s go. Your plan failed. You like to be a god. it did not work. I also have a warrant today. Agastya takes it. Pakhi sits crying.

scene 2
Mona shouts where is my necklace? It was in my room. I will call the police. Naveli says it should be around. Don’t call the police. She says it was in my closet. I know for sure. That person will be caught. Naveli says how? Mona says there are cameras in my room. Naveli receives a text that Agastya has been arrested. She is shocked. She turns on the TV.

Agastya is being taken to the police station. Virat says media is here to welcome the celebrity. Journalists asked Agastya what was his plan? Why did you lock up Ishaan in your hospital? Did you even attack him first? Was Pakhi a part of it? Grandma sits down in shock. Journalists say that business tycoon Agastya was behind Ishaan’s attack. Shanaya also gets the report. She says I have to talk to Pakhi. Pakhi also comes to the police station. The media also questions him. Virat took them inside. Agastya says these reports prove that Agastya was giving fake medicine to Ishaan. DC says you know if all this is wrong then it will be a big trouble for you. Virat says it is my duty to bring out the truth. There will be trouble for Agastya. Shubham comes inside and grabs Agastya’s collar. He says how dare you. I will kill you What did my brother do to you? Virat stops him. He says please take rest. He says we had to go to Ishaan’s family.

Agastya’s lawyer comes with Dadi. Dadi says Agastya.. she says what is happening Pakhi? I was calling you. Your phone was switched off. She tells Virat that how did you bring Agastya here? The lawyer says that you cannot get the test done without any official complaint. Who told you to check? Virat says Mrs. Pakhi Raichand did it. His wife was sitting here. Agastya was shocked. He signed it and gave me permission. Dadi says Pakhi did you file complaint against Agastya? She is shocked. DC gets a call and says give me the report. Virat gave him the report. DC reports inquiry he says Agastya Raichand.. I am sorry Mr Raichand you have to face trouble because of our department. Agastya says apology is accepted sir. Virat says what are you saying sir? He tried to kill Ishaan? DC says that there is no such report in this which shows that wrong medicine was given to Ishaan. Pakhi is shocked. Virat reports investigation main report is missing. He is shocked. He says how is this possible? Virat says he changed the report. Pakhi read the report. Agastya says take care of this animal. DC says behave yourself Singh. Pakhi says that the medicine is not named which was in Singh’s first report.

episode ends

Update Credits: Atiba

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