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Faltu 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Faltu 30 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Faltu arriving at Ayaan’s house. Sid smiles. Tanisha remembers Faltu. She says that she is the girl you were playing garba with in the village. Suhana says yes we stayed at her guest house but what do you do about Faltu Bua she was going to marry Pappi. Ayaan takes action and asks how you met Bua. Alok and Rijula ​​tell them a false story about how to save Faltu from the goons. Sid says wow what a story Ayaan I’ll write the climax. Savita says that someone must know about her. Faltu says yes, my parents must know, they helped me escape from that forced marriage, they love me and trust me a lot. They welcome all the extravagance. Sumitra asks what she will do here at Ayan’s marriage. Bua says that she brought her here with me, she is alone. Ayan says that you did well, it is our duty to help Faltu. Savita welcomes you. She introduces the family. Faltu welcomes them. Savita says that Tanisha is Ayaan’s fiancée and she will be my daughter-in-law. Tanisha holds Ayaan’s hand. Extravagant welcomes. Tanisha laughed. Janardhan comes and sees Faltu. He asks her what is she doing here. He asks her to get out of her. Dadi says that I am making halwa for Janardhan, Rijula ​​and Alok, halwa can make their relationship sweet. The gas lighter does not work. The gas knob has been left open. Janardhan says Ayan, he is the one who threw dirty water on me. He asks her to come out. He talks nonsense, man, listen to me. Bua defends the useless. He says keep your defense to yourself, you’re a guest here. Rijula ​​​​asks the guest? You treat the guests like this, look at yourself and forgive the child who is useless. He scolds her.

Needless to say, that’s enough. She says that I won’t listen to a word against my parents. Janardhan tells Ayaan to teach Faltu a lesson, to throw him out of the house. Dadi takes matches and tries to light the chulha. Rijula ​​argues with Janardhan and cries. Useless apologies. Grandma lights the match. Her sari caught fire. the aunt yelled. Dadi yells and calls Janardhan. They all run to look. Faltu takes the tablecloth and runs to save Dadi. Ayaan says nothing happened, don’t worry. He sees the burn on Faltu’s hand. He pulls her aside and deals with her burns. Tanisha looks at them.

She interrupts them. The doctor checks Dadi and says that her blood pressure is high, it’s ok, don’t worry. He’s leaving. Daddy jokes. She asks where is the girl who saved my life. She comes useless. Grandma and aunt thanked her.

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Update Credits: Amina

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