Faltu 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Faltu 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Faltu 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update – News

Faltu 29 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Faltu saying that I will not go to Ayaan’s house, I will take care of Pappi when he comes here. Bua says that Ayaan will be worried about you, we have to go there, just come. He shakes his head uselessly. Tanisha asks Ayaan to make her marriage a priority. She says I didn’t have time to freshen up, it was a call from Alok. She says sorry come dance. They practice dance show. Sid says that I am seeing the devastation of Ayaan. He asks Sumitra to be patient. Ayaan says sorry Tanisha. The man asks where her attention is, she could have fallen. Tanisha asks Ayaan to give her 100% attention. Janardhan says that it is difficult for him to concentrate on the dance as he is only used to business. Kanika asks Sandeep to give Ayaan easy steps. Kinshuk jokes. Pappi and the thugs arrive at Rijula’s house. Pappy screams and tries to open the door. Ratan says that the door is closed, they already left. He gets angry. Faltu thinks of Ayaan. Everyone applauds Ayaan and Tanisha. They praise the couple. Savita says that Janardhan went to meet the minister at the airport. Tanisha asks Ayaan if she is expecting someone. He says no, work stress, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll come fresh. Sid asks if Pappi didn’t get extra why didn’t he call? Faltu sees tall buildings and jokes. Alok calls her cute. Bua says those buildings have elevators to the upper floors. She laughs when hearing such nonsense. Alok says sit in the car, we’ll go and get Ayaan’s favorite food, do you want anything? Faltu says no, I’m fine. Sid asks what, Bua’s house is closed, don’t do anything, I’ll find out.

Sid calls Faltu. He asks where you are. She jokes that Pappi came here, our rounds are on. she jokes. He asks what she is. She says focus on your marriage we will come over sometime Bua and Alok went to buy sweets you are lucky everyone loves you. She ends the call. She talks to the driver. She misses her brother Pratap. Janardhan got stuck on the way. He asks the driver to take the children. A boy falls. Faltu arrives and argues with the driver. Janardhan says come, we are late. Faltu goes to shout at Janardhan. He gets out of the car. He asks her to come out. The driver says that he is a rich man, talk to him nicely. Faltu scolds Janardhan. The driver pushed him into the dirty water. She angrily sprays them with dirty water. Janardhan says illiterate girl, I don’t have time now, otherwise I would have taught you a lesson. He leaves in the car.

He says I think I saw her before. Alok and Bua come and ask what happened to you. Faltu says that I taught the man who beat little children a lesson. Bua says don’t worry. Ayaan coughs. Tanisha takes care of him. They all smile. Janardhan comes home. Ayan and Savita ask who did this. Janardhan says that a libertine girl, illiterate and cultured, came in front of the car and misbehaved with me. Ayan asks who she was, I’ll give her the answer. Alok and Bua return home. He sees an unnecessarily large house. Bua says that the whole family lives here. Faltu says that it means that Ayaan is very rich. Bua asks him to come. Faltu asks if something will happen if I go there. Bua says no, come. The servant says that Rijula ​​has come. Ayan asks who that girl was. Janardhan says we’ll talk later, the guests join. Dadi says that she is the daughter of this house, you have to respect her. Rijula ​​and Alok arrive. Sid sees them and thinks where they hid the extra. He comes useless.

Janardhan scolds Faltu. yelling unnecessarily. Ayaan look.

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