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Faltu 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Ayaan fights the goons

Faltu Dec 28, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Ayaan asking her colleague to get ready in the car and contact the police. Pappi pushes Faltu. He asks the thugs to catch him. The bully attacks him. Ayan comes to her and saves her. Tanisha asks Kanika to trust her, Ayaan will arrive on time. Kanika says that it is wrong to leave you in the mandap, if Ayaan doesn’t come then it can be a big drama. Sumitra and Sid smile. She says we’ll go and hit the hot iron. She asks Sid to call Ayaan. She says that I can’t see Kanika’s status.

Sid says he’s hanging up my call, I can see them worried, Ayaan is doing great, I’m sorry auntie, I wish I could do something for you, Tanisha is my best friend, I can’t see her cry, I want to get married… Tanisha says nothing bad will happen , Ayan will arrive on time. Ayan fights with the bullies. She asks Faltu if you are not happy to see me here. She says no, you shouldn’t have left the marriage halfway. Plot. She collapses in his arms. Puppy look.

Sumitra says I can understand your pain, if Ayan doesn’t come then Sid will sit in the mandap with Tanisha, Sid will marry Tanisha, I won’t let Tanisha’s honor be tarnished, this is the promise. Sid asks what are you saying. She asks why, will you also do like Ayaan? Kanika thinks. Sumitra and Sid act and remember Janardhan’s words. Ayaan and Faltu argue and fight with the goons. She says I sent a man to watch you. She says that I cannot accept your help, why did you come, what is the need. She says you’re a little ghost more than me. She says you’re a little ghost more than me. Pappy fires into the air.

He asks the thugs to catch them. Ayaan scolds Pappi. Jamuna and Lajwanti get angry and argue with Angoori. Angoori supports Pappi. She teases Jamuna. She says thank God they saved us. Ratan says that I am going to invite the villagers. He warns Charan. Faltu threatens Pappi. Pappi says so angry for this man. He asks the goons to beat up Ayaan. She says no, I cross my hands, you got me, leave Ayaan. She asks me how can I leave her, she is special to you.

Ayaan scolds Pappi. The thugs tie him up. Ratan says that I am the head of the family, I will not tolerate anything bad. the va Pratap says we will go to Mumbai, come with me. Charan cries. Pratap encourages her. They van Faltu asks Pappi to leave Ayaan. Ayaan argues with Pappi. He asks why Faltu got angry for you, she is ready to sacrifice herself to save you. Faltu says marry me, leave Ayaan. Ayan says that you will not marry this cheap man. She says Pappi, leave him, I’ll marry him. She sits on the mandap and says to let Ayan go. Pappi says that the marriage will happen in front of her, I will take revenge on her. Ayaan says you can’t give up, you can’t let your dreams and hope for dad be broken, don’t worry about me. Pappy scares them. Faltu says that I am ready to marry you, promise me that you will let Ayaan go from here. Pappi says he’s fine, I promise. Pappi and Faltu sit in the wedding mandap. Ayan gets angry and drives the bullies away. She beats up the bullies. Pappi says I’ll shoot you.

Pappi attacks Ayaan. Ayan faints. Fartu cries for her.

Update Credits: Amina

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