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Faltu 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ayaan hides Faltu from the family

Faltu 26 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Ayaan says that I will support Faltu, she was born to fly, she will fly, many girls like her will make her a role model, it will surely happen, she promised her father, she will never break a promise. Bua asks if you are happy with Tanisha and your marriage. Ayaan says yes, daddy chose her, I know her well, I’m sure we’ll be happy. Bua says that if you have the opportunity to choose your life partner, you will. Ayaan says that dad’s decision will be good for me. She asks him to go home. She says you have to go home, update me on Faltu. He’s leaving. Sid and his family return home. Bua opens the door and asks what have you forgotten now, Ayaan. Sumitra asks if Ayaan came here. Alok runs to Faltu. Bua works on call and Ayaan says, you didn’t say the whole family would come. Sid asks if they won’t invite us in. Bua asks them to come inside. Alok greets them. Sumitra makes fun of the small house of her. Alok asks what are you going to drink. She asks for chairs to sit down. Alok asks Rijula ​​to bring tea and snacks. Sid says I’ll use the bathroom and come over. Bua asks him to go to another room. Pappi says that Sid will bring me extra. Sid makes excuses again and goes to the room. Bua runs after him. They do not see anything superfluous there.

Ayaan hides Faltu and remembers seeing her family going to Bua’s house. They have a moment. Alok makes excuses. Sid asks where the maintenance is. Bua says only paint job left so we kept the room locked. Sid says it’s okay. Sumitra asks about the medicines. Bua lies to them. They all go out. Sid receives a call. Pappi says you told me to call you after you came to Mumbai. Sid says wait at the hotel, I’ll call you, I’ll find Faltu, I promise. Sid says that extravagance is wrong. Faltu asks what are you doing here, Pappi will do something with you. Ayan asks him to rest.

Sid goes out on the balcony to check it out. Ayaan and Faltu hide. Govind comes to call Sid. He asks what is going on. Sid says it was a work call. Govind says that he convinces Bua to come to the wedding, but she still refuses. Govind asks Rijula ​​to come for Harsh and for her sake. Badimaa says that Ayaan and Tanisha are getting married, will you be happy without blessing them? Sid thinks about where Faltali went. Faltu asks what is going on here. Ayaan says that my family has come here, so we had to hide. Dadi asks Rijula ​​to reconcile with Janardhan. Alok accepts the invitation. They all become happy. They take a selfie. Sumitra asks Sid what he wants to show them. Sid says I’m already mad. he leaves the family. Alok asks where is Faltu. Ayan says that she is here. Bua asks if you’re okay. She shakes her head uselessly. Ayaan says that she was going to see the family, so I had to go back to hide Faltu. She asks Faltu to relax and not worry. Faltu says that Pappi threatened to burn down your market. Ayaan says that he can’t do anything, just focus on your health, don’t worry. He comforts her.

Ayan asks how they all got here. Alok says that Sid brought him here to invite us. Bua says that if we come to bless you for marriage, Faltu will be left alone. Alok says yes, Sid and Pappi are close. Ayaan says that Faltu is not in danger from Sid, but from Pappi. Alok says that I promised Dadi, we have to go to the wedding, otherwise the relationship will not be good, we have to bring Faltu to the wedding. Ayaan says it’s not possible, Suhana met him, everyone knows Faltu, I talked to his family on video call. Alok says but we don’t have a choice, we’ll make one excuse or another. Ayaan says I don’t know. Bua asks him to tell Janardhan the truth. She says I’m sure, he’ll understand.

Tanisha argues with Ayaan about Faltu. He gets angry and asks her to stop doing it. She says I won’t hear a word against him.

Update Credits: Amina

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