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Faltu 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Ayaan agrees to coach Anmol – News

Faltu Nov 10, 2022 episode update written Ayan agrees to train Anmol

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In today’s episode of Faltu, we see Ayaan introduce Faltu to her family. Tanisha sees it and gets jealous. Siddhartha realizes this.

Faltu reminds Ayaan of her promise to train Anmol. Ayan agrees. The extravagant dances with joy. Pappi arrives at the market with Faltu’s family. Ratan says that today Puppy will deal with the situation and not with them. Pappi misbehaved with the flamboyant and whipped him in front of the whole town. Charan warns Pappi not to say a single word, but Ratan stops him. Faltu says that she is not married yet and therefore she will do what she wants.

Ayan says why are they making mountains of miles. Pappi is about to slap Vaaltu, but Ayaan stops him by grabbing his hand. Puppy asks him to let go of her hand. Ayaan says that he consulted the doctor as there are no men to lay hands on a woman. Faltu’s mother takes him by the hand and leads him home. Ayaan is shocked to learn that Faltu is being married off to Pappi.

Faltu’s family scolds him for staying with Ayaan. Ratan says that there are rules for the women of the village and he has violated them. Pappi says that he will fix it when he marries her. Faltu says that he has already made four marriages. He says that he will return his money in the next three days and that he will not marry Pappi at all costs.

Ayaan quirkily remembers his advice on how to support his family in every situation. She decides to help the wacky. Mittal prepares for the female sangeet at home. Siddharth comes and dances with Tanisha. They dance on a romantic track.

Tanisha calls Ayan and asks her to get serious about their marriage. Ayan promises her that she will be back soon. Siddharth bribes Pappi against Ayan.

Precap: Pratap’s mother asks Ayaan about Anmol. He tells her that Anmol is friends with Pratap and Faltu. Puppy is determined to find and follow the truth. Ayan defends the extravagant.

Update Credits: Kritias

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