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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Karola saves Bala.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 29 Nov 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

In this episode, Janardhan teases Manohar and Nandu. Manohar got very angry, he agreed to fight them. Nandu suggests celebrating Bhim Rao’s victory, it would be enough to hurt him.
Nandu went to fetch the powder.

Bala returned with Pani Puri. Joshi’s men went after him.

The chawl was celebrating Bhim Rao’s victory. They were singing and dancing.

Karola saw that Bala was bringing Pani Puri and people were coming from behind to kill him. Karola rescues Bala, gets hurt on the way. She was bleeding. People started beating Bala. She tried to protect her from her by being her shield from her. She was bleeding profusely.

Rama and Bhim Rao were going to eat pani puri.

Meera returns to the chawl.

Joshi was very happy to see himself winning.

Karola fainted and fell to the ground. The men left. Bala tries to wake up Karola.

Bhim Rao and Ram meet Joshi who tells them about what he saw with Bala.

Bhim Rao and Ram rush to help them. He saw Bala leaning over his unconscious wife. Both Bala and Karola were bleeding. Ram took Karola on her lap. Bhim Rao picked up Bala.
Hitesh and his friends made fun of this celebration. Meera advised Jijabai that she dance too. She might lose some of the hate from her. Bhim Rao came running to the chawl. Rami questions him about the bloodstain on his shirt. Bhim Rao tells them what happened to Karola and Bala. Ramji and Meera leave with Bhim Rao. Hitesh asked everyone not to perform last rites on anyone. Jijabai mocked everyone, asked them to dance. Hitesh said that this is the work of Bhim Rao. They ruined the decor for all the wrong reasons. Joku was asked to remove the decorations.

Varchand felt lighter. He felt that Bhim Rao was desperate. Although Bhim Rao won, many lost. He asked Joshi what the doctor would tell Bala about Karola. Joshi knew that Karola would not celebrate the transformation of her husband. Joshi was sure that everyone would blame Bhim Rao for this. Varchand praises Joshi’s decision to tell Bhim Rao that he will no longer doubt him. Joshi decided to go to Chawl.

Lakshmi wanted to see Karola. Anand did not know where they were. Lakshmi cried for Karola; She was happy to see her husband change from her. Deepak’s mother reassures him. Bhim Rao and Ramji returned with Karola. They all asked questions. Bala said that his mind has become numb. He is not sure when the memory of him will return. Bala was eager to remind him of everything. Bala abused her and tortured her every time, but she loved her and took care of her. No matter what happened to them, he saved her life twice. She would take care of him if he were in her position. It was her time to apologize. Bala covered Karola with a quilt. He hoped for her speedy recovery. Joshi came to ask Bala what happened. He pretended to be in pain. He told everyone that he was sorry for them, this would not have happened to Karola. Varchand was sad, he saw the decorations and said that the celebration turned into a complaint. He didn’t understand what the world wanted. Bhim Rao said that the world wanted Bala and Karola to come together. Joshi and Varchand shouldn’t feel sad for him. Bala was eager to celebrate. He took the drum and began to play it. Everyone applauded. Jijabai entered. Meera followed him.

Meera told Jijabai that hate can burn anyone. She asked Jijabai not to get burned by Bhim Rao’s victory. Jijabai was angry that Bhim Rao’s victory had left Karola in a state where she could neither speak nor walk. She will need money for the treatment, which will be paid for by Ramji and this will start another drama in the house.

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