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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao sits on a protest.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28 Dec 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode starts with Deepak and Shoba saving Aarti from David and the policemen. The chief of the police station questioned him. Shoba was going but he couldn’t go. Shoba asks Deepak to pick up the stone and return to his house. He told her to get a stone and use it when necessary. Shoba asks the police officer to release his sister. David orders Shobha’s arrest. Bhim Rao and Ram intervene, followed by Ramji, Meera and other members of the chawl. They wanted closure with Aarti. Bhim Rao said that there are many ways to get justice, the court ensures the victory of justice in broad daylight. David was abusing his power against an innocent creature in a prison cell. David is about to shoot Bhima Rao but is stopped by the policeman. Ramji said that, being a retired army officer, he could fire all the bullets in that gun. David was asked to leave. The policeman threatened to take revenge on Bhim Rao for this. This phrase removed all ambiguity, that the lower caste was the same for David and the policeman. Bhim Rao said that until Aarti gets justice and freedom, he and others will protest in front of the police station. Aarti remembers his harsh behavior towards Bhima Rao and Rama and apologizes for the same. He realized his mistake. Bhim Rao asks him not to worry about her, she will be released from this jail soon.

They all sat outside and began to protest.

Joshi tells David that Bhim Rao has a habit of going against everything he doesn’t like. The employee recounted that he has been successful in most of them, for which he too was slapped by David. He mocked the clerk calling her his servant, there are no brave people in this country. Bhim Rao is not going to create history; He will give up in a few days. Joshi refuses, as he knows that Bhim Rao will not give up and that the chawlers will make him breakfast.

Dalia prepares breakfast for Bhima Rao and the others, she asks Lakshmi to bring them. Lakshmi refuses; She has to find a job that is more important. Jijabai, who came out to support Lakshmi, said that she realized her mistake and is now working to straighten her path. He told Dalia to prepare breakfast for everyone and inform Ramji and Jijabai that they would not eat anything until he returned. Dalia questions him for ruining every situation. Jijabai taunts him again, they both leave. Lakshmi asks Anand to let her work, he refuses. Lakshmi should get a job; She reminded him not to forget that she was not against Bhim Rao and Ram, they just had different priorities. Lakshmi asks him not to worry, she was once against Bhima Rao and Ram but not now. For Lakshmi, happiness was everything, she couldn’t let anything happen to her.

As the chawl members sat hungry in protest, the police officer ordered tea. He needs food on time as an officer. Oatmeal brought everyone tea, he said that he was still alive. An angry police officer said, this is not a picnic spot. Bhim Rao heals him; Tea and snacks are not prohibited in the police station. The porridge made everyone drink tea. Ram helped him. Dalia calls Ramji aside, she has to talk to him. Dalia told him about the state of Jijabai’s food and drink in Ramji’s presence. Ramji didn’t care if she eats or not, she just gets upset. Bhim Rao asked her that it is not a husband’s job to be upset, that he should find a solution to his wife’s problem. Ramji dropped the tea, told Dalia to tell Jijabai that she would not eat or drink.

Police officers approached Ramji and Bhim Rao. He was summoned for a high-profile meeting with David and to discuss the release of Bhim Rao and others. Bhim Rao refused to go under any conditions. The officer left, he had nothing more to say. Rama said that she was going to meet Lakshmi, she was worried about what she said yesterday.

Lakshmi was looking for a job. A man approached her, told her that her pitchers were going to a fair, and asked her to join. Ram came to Lakshmi; He questioned her for acting differently. Lakshmi refuses; She didn’t want to talk. Ram argued that communication leads to solutions. Lakshmi left. The man invited Rama to Mala, Rama excused himself and left.

David tells the policeman to gather all the forces around and do whatever it takes to get Bhim Rao and the others out of the police station.

Rami’s experience says that the police will bring their army to get them out of here. Bhim Rao thought how he would fight with such forces. Ram came, he said there is a man who can help you. Ramji knew who he was, so he could certainly help them in this matter.

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