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Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar 26 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Varchand, Joshi and Sethji kill Puhan

Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar 26 May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Bala asking permission. Bhim Rao called it theft, refused to take it. Bala’s aide confronts Bala. He explained that his intention was only to help the poor get back to their homes. He warns Bala that he has put his job in danger. That man is gone. Bhima Rao was upset. Bala said that this was the only way for him to help Bhima Rao. He did not care about the job, telling the owner about his caste.

Poohan went to face Sethji. He attacked them. Joshi, Varchand and Sethji fought back. He overtook Puhan. He was beaten up badly.

The officer decided to give this information to the authorities. Bala came in. The officer refused to listen to him. Bala was here not to explain himself but to tell that he too belonged to a lower caste. The officer was shocked to learn that Bala was the brother of Bhima Rao. Bhim Rao came and asked the officer to show the file. The officer turned down his demand. Bhima Rao insisted because he had authority. Barristers came in support of Bhima Rai or else he could have lost his job. The officer handed over the file to Bhim Rao.

At night everyone was waiting for Puhan to return. He searched the whole place, but couldn’t find him. Bala and Bhim Rao came. Ramji stops her, asks why Bala is here. Bhima Rao requested Ramji to let Bala stay here. He told everyone the truth about his caste, and helped him get the papers that helped him win the case. Bhima Rao asked Rama to prepare food for Bala as well. Hitesh taunts her for caring about Bala more than Puhan. Bhima Rao asked, he and Bala set out to find Poohan. Bala was excited to accompany them, reliving childhood memories.

The next morning people took out Pooh’s body from the river. According to him, Puhan committed suicide. Hitesh recalls Sethji and Joshi’s plan against Puhan. Pooranjan wonders why he took his own life instead of taking revenge. A letter was found from Puhan’s letter. Bhima Rao read that he lost his war, no one will win this war, so it is better for everyone to find different way and find their own way,

This letter was written by Sethji. Varachand said that Bhima Rao would consider the fact that Poohan did not know how to read and write. To hide this, Sethji wrote that someone had written this letter for Puhan. Hitesh and Joku discuss how they will lose their lives in this war. Bhima Rao asked him to keep quiet. Joshi, Varchand and Sethji came. He made fun of Bhima Rao, saying that the fighting should never stop so that everyone dies. They brought flowers for Puhan’s funeral. He threw flowers at her. Varachand asked Bhima Rao how many people he would kill for himself. Ram narrated the letter. Read, bring Bhima Rao aside.

She refuses to believe that Puhan has committed suicide. At first, he did not know who wrote. Secondly, whoever wrote this paper knew that Poohan was about to die. That person should have informed Bhima Rao. Bhim Rao thought, he was ready to investigate the matter.

Hitesh went after Sethji. He confronts them to kill Puhan. They laughed at him. Hitesh cried, saying that Poohan was innocent, they should not have killed him. Joshi kicks him, reminding that Hitesh was of his place. Sethji said that Hitesh was lucky that Bhima would not have been in Rao’s side or he too would have died. They went to watch cricket.

Ram and Bhima Rao went to Varachand’s wife. They asked him to show Varchand’s handwriting. He gave them a letter. Varchand’s writing was not written on the letter found in Puhan’s pocket. Bhim Rao was also familiar with Joshi’s handwriting. They suspected that it belonged to Sethji, but they had nothing to confirm it.

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