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Ek Mahanayak Dr BR Ambedkar 17 March 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao completes his paper.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar Written Episode 17 March 2022, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

Episode starts with Bhim Rao entering the examination hall. The teachers were worried why they were late. Bhim Rao was already late, he asked for the question paper. Students told that it is too late, will not be able to complete the paper.

Varachand came to Bhima Rao’s neighborhood to inquire about his wife. Hitesh said that no one in this area has the audacity to kidnap his wife. He slaps Hitesh. Ram came, he told Varchand that someone must have played his character. His wife was at his house. Varchand inquired. Meera told that Bhima Rao and Rama had planned this scenario. Rama told that it was the girl with the veil who came to him. Varchand said that he wasted half the time of the exam. Ramji said that he would do as he was his son. Anand said that Bhim Rao has mastered the art of doing maximum work in minimum time.

Bhim Rao wrote his paper. Everyone was worried that how Bhim Rao is writing so fast.

Varachand’s wife came to the neighbourhood. They were told that Varchand had called them here. Varachand blames his wife for the loss, she should not have left the house to seduce anyone for Rama. He should punish Rama for his crime.

The examiner started collecting papers.

Ram should be punished, there was no one here to stop him. Ramji said that he would not allow his daughter-in-law to hurt anyone. Varachand asked his wife to punish Rama. She agreed to punish Rama as she was used by him. She covered her hand with a cloth and then took Rama away.

Bhim Rao gave his paper. Guruji was amazed to complete his paper on Bhim Rao. Bhima Rao had to break walls to breathe. Only education could he fight. Guruji accepted Bhima Rao and his potential, he asked other students to idolize him. He wanted everyone not to let Bhima Rao down. The students protested against taking Bhima Rao. Guruji angrily asked the students to follow him. They consider the effort of Bhima Rao. After that the students left. Guruji asked Bhim Rao to wait for him while submitting the papers.

Ram apologizes to Varachand’s wife, but she refuses to stop. Rama did whatever it takes to save her husband. Varachand’s wife lowered Rama’s hands. She praised Ram for what he did. Ram should not allow Varachand to believe that he is being supported. Varachand’s wife loved Vaibhav like her own son, she blamed Varachand, the upper caste and Vaibhav for his death. She did not want Bhima Rao to have the same fate as Vaibhav. Ram could not be saved every day. She left. Ram cannot stop Bhim Rao; It was his destiny to fight.

At night Bhima Rao asked Ramji to work on his work. He made a wise decision. He requested them to consider it, Bhim Rao will get another job. Ramji questioned Bhim Rao, this job was a secure future for Bhim Rao and Ram. Everything was getting better in his life that’s why Bhima Rao chose to roam again. Ramji will find something for himself. Ramji has done a lot of work in his life, everyone had to try to reach somewhere in his life. Bhima Rao did not want Ramji to work hard. Ramji questioned, since Bhima Rao and Ram lived separately, so were their needs. Ram asked Ramji to believe in him. Jijabai was done with logic. He said that now it is the duty of the son to earn for livelihood. Lakshmi told that Ram was also earning. Ramji told Bhima Rao that when he would be an officer, no one would believe that he suffered every step of his life. Bhim Rao did not care what people believed in. All he knew was that he had to go on with life. Ramji always considered Bhima Rao as an ideal son, he took pride in telling people about Bhima Rao’s struggle.

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