EDKV2 Suwon FF – School Time Part 20

EDKV2 Suwon FF – School Time Part 20

EDKV2 Suwon FF – School Time Part 20

Precap: Suman takes Shravan to the hospital to encourage him, showing the spirit of the wounded soldiers.


Suman and Dadu are doing morning walk there. Suddenly Shravan greets him from one side and passes him. He turns to Suman one more time before moving on. Both smile looking at each other. Grandpa sniffs.

Grandfather: Show off.

After morning walk both Suman and Shravan come face to face in the sports club. They stretch and get hot. Both give attitude look to each other and take place opposite to each other in badminton court. They start their game. In the beginning, Shravan keeps losing. Suman encourages her to keep going. They are engaged in their spiritual practice every day. After losing a day, Shravan angrily leaves his racket and leaves the sports club. Suman gets worried for him. She comes to Malhotra’s house. Shravan is sitting on his bed angrily. Suman knocked and entered her room. Shravan does not look at her.

Shravan: Why are you here sumo? Just leave me already I can’t fix anything. If I try in sports festival I will lose everyone because of me. I’m just so pathetic.

Suman comes and stands in front of him. He looks down.

Suman: That’s all, you can’t say anything bad about my friend.

Shravan still looks down at the ground.

Suman: Shravan, look at me. No problem with your feet. It’s about something else. What’s keeping you down?

Shravan slowly looked at her. Suman bows down and comes in front of him.

Suman: What’s the matter, Shravan? won’t you tell me

Suman turns and sees Shravan’s trophies. Shravan also looks in the same direction.

Suman: Where is that Shravan? Who won those awards? What made you proud of me?

Shravan speaks in a broken voice.

Shravan: He is lost.

Shravan stands up and goes to the shelf, he takes a trophy in his hands.

Shravan: He’s not there anymore. He was lost in the expectations of his parents, in the rush of reading textbooks.

Shravan slowly puts the trophy and rest on the shelf and smiles. He keeps talking after seeing the trophies.

Shravan: You know sumo, my dream was not always to go to the USA. There was a time when I just wanted to play. When I was in the fifth standard I saw that everyone plays badminton in winter, no one wanted to play anything else with me. So I went to mom and harassed her until she bought me a racket. It took me a while to understand it but once I got used to the game, no one could beat me. I started playing in tournaments, won trophies, everyone was praising me. Mom and dad were proud of me. It feels like a dream now, a good dream. I know there is nothing like that you guys are planning to join army to serve the country but I dreamed of becoming a professional player and becoming the pride of my country, playing international matches, winning gold was.

Suman: What happened then?

The two are now talking while sitting on the railing in Shravan’s balcony. Hearing Suman’s question, Shravan’s laughter stopped.

Shravan: What happened, the junior level national competition and the school examination were scheduled around the same time, the same thing happened. Papa said, “It’s time to study now, we can play later. And what will happen if you play anyway.” And so I packed all my dreams and threw them in the dustbin and sat down on the study table.

Suman: Didn’t play again after the exam?

Hearing: Never.

Suman: But why?

Shravan: Because I realized in my dad’s eyes that being a professional player is not an option for future career. I know Papa is a little upset and I’m a little scared of him. But he is kind, he always gave me what I wanted, never let me feel lack of anything. So whenever I do something I can do with confidence because I know I will get my father’s support. But that day when I realized what he thought of my great dream, I couldn’t muster up the courage to state my wish. I think Papa’s approval has become very important for me, he gives it in everything that it has become a source of my confidence. When he didn’t say no to a thing, I couldn’t find my confidence to move on. I just let it go. And soon thought of a new future plan of going abroad which he approved.

Suman: But you wanted to play so bad.

Shravan: You know sumo I was really angry for a few days even my exams got worse. I used to get angry on my father thinking like this, my mother used to get angry for not understanding what I wanted. I was angry at myself for not having the courage to say what I wanted. I was also angry at people’s mentality that text book study is always preferred over everything. But then I calmed down and accepted the reality. Dad said that I should quit badminton, I left forever.

Suman: Not forever. Because if that were the case you still wouldn’t have those trophies in front of your eyes like that. You still play like crazy.

Shravan: Sumo, if you think you can make me play by praising me, then forget it. And admit that I am a fool who leaves everything in between.

Suman: Never. The Shravan Malhotra I know always goes on till the end. You never let any of your friends give up, I will never give up. We will play again this afternoon.

Shravan: Come on sumo.

Suman: No excuse, we’ll play on our lawn and you’ll see if you can play again.

Suman smiles, Shravan looks on with concern.

Tiwari House

In the afternoon, both the families and all the people of Bunty have gathered outside Tiwari’s house. Suman and Shravan are standing a short distance away, a badminton court is made for them.

Shravan: Sumo You said we would play a match. What with the audience?

Shravan: Come on, they’re just watching. what’s the problem. shall we start?

Shravan shook his head. They take the position and start playing. Shravan makes the first score, everyone except Dadu clap. Suman scores the next mark, everyone claps. Suman continues to score some more points. Shravan starts feeling sad again.

Dadu: I can write, he will be badly defeated by Suman.

Ramesh: Our Suman is one in lakhs.

Shravan listens to his criticism and keeps on playing with a dull face.

Devraj: Don’t misunderstand my putter, sir. He was the champion in the All India Badminton competition.

Vijay: Yes, Suman told me so.

Shravan loses another point as he stops listening to Devraj. Grandpa laughs.

Devraj: Nothing to worry, the beta is on.

Shravan smiled.

Shravan: Yes papa. You keep watching how I change the game.

Shravan serves and this time Shravan scores. Everyone clapped (except Dadu). Suman smiles seeing Shravan’s change. They start playing. Both keep scoring, Shravan’s points keep on increasing but in the end Suman wins the goal. They start again. Bunty and Kanchan talk between them.

Kanchan: Look, Suman will win.

Bunty: Miss Kanchina, clearly you have no idea how good a player my Shravan Miya is. Your Suman will disappear in the air and you will not even know.

They started quarreling among themselves about who would win. Beena scolds Kanchan and stops her. Both Shravan and Suman keep scoring but eventually Shravan wins both the rounds, so he wins the match. Everyone stands up, claps, Dadu gets upset. Bunty gets agitated and whistles but Avni slaps him in the head and stops him. Suman and Shravan shake hands.

Shravan: Thanks sumo, today you reminded me why I started playing badminton in the first place.

Suman: Why?

Shravan: Just for fun. I enjoy playing it. Maybe I still don’t have my old dreams of being a player. But I will not give up badminton again, I will cherish it as my favorite hobby.

Devraj: Come on, Shravan Putter, you made me happy today.

Shravan and Suman both smile and go to their father and hug him.

Vijay: You played well Suman. I am proud of you.

Suman: Thanks papa.

Shravan: Papa, did you see the shot I did.

Devraj: Yes, we all did. Next we will have a father son match.

Kanchan: How do the two fathers connect with their children? I mean Bade Papa and Suman in one team and Chacha and Shravan in one team.

Devraj: That sounds good too. We should do it sometime.

Vijay: Shravan, congratulations. You played well

Shravan: Thank you uncle.

Vijay: I remember our challenge. You have defeated Suman, whatever you wish, I will fulfill it.

Devraj: Shravan, you did the challenge with Cornell?

Shravan: Papa, I’m just…

Vijay: Don’t sweat, Devraj. So what do you want to hear?

Dadu: Advice should be sought, it will help in your life.

Devraj: He is telling the truth, Shravan.

Kanchan: No Dadu, Bade Papa can’t give advice for free. Shravan, ask your elder father to prepare some special dish. He always makes great dishes.

Poetry: Really, everyone. Then we would also like to taste.

Devraj: Absolutely.

Bunty pulls Shravan away and whispers in his ears.

Bunty: This is your chance Miya, ask permission to make Suman your girlfriend. Ask for his hand, ask, ask.

Hearing: Shhh.

Vijay: All right, but Shravan should be the judge. Have you decided to listen? You can take your time, you don’t need to say anything right now.

Shravan: No uncle, I have decided what I want.

Shravan looks at Suman, she is looking at him anxiously.

Vijay: Really, what is this?

Shravan: I want you to train me in badminton for the upcoming sports festival in our school.

Vijay looks at Shravan with an impressed look.

Shravan: The day I played with you in the camp, I realized that you play very well. And from last few days when I played with Suman, I realized that you also teach very well. So Suman also plays well. Will you teach me too, uncle?

Vijay smiled.

Vijay: Why not? After all, I promised you.

Shravan jumped with joy. Everyone laughs. Then they started talking to each other.

Bunty: Mia you had such a good chance to ask for Suman’s hand, why didn’t you do it?

Shravan puts his hand on Bunty’s shoulder and starts applying pressure.

Shravan: Really, and then when my dad, that daddu and sumo themselves try to kill me right there, will you save me?

Bunty: Okay, I understand, let me go.

Shravan let him go. Bunty pulls to see if his shoulder is fine.

Shravan sees Suman, Suman was talking to Kanchan. She also sees him. The eyes of both meet. Suman smiles seeing him. Shravan smiles back and leans on Bunty. Bunty could not handle the weight due to suddenly leaning on him and almost lost his balance. Seeing Kanchan and Suman laughing, Shravan beats up Bunty.

From next day Shravan starts training with Vijay, Suman is his companion all the time. He also plays various sports in school with his friends and monitors the practice of others. At last it was time for the sports festival.

Next: The sports festival begins.

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