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Durga Aur Charu 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Bholi presents Chumki as Devi

Durga Aur Charu Jan 5, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Charu says it’s from your mother. why do you give it to me? She says that you and this locket are mine. They both pray together. Charu prays for Make. A chunri lands on both of them. Sampoorna says God’s blessings be on both of them. we will always be together. She hugs them. Polish says that I will send him to jail as his father. Charu says I have to go now. Durga says please stop. He says I want to see dad. Binoy says that he will be out soon. He will come to the orphanage. Charu thanks him. Sampoorna says who will dance? Binoy says that the fire takes care of Durga. Durga says that I will do it there with Charu. They both dance together.

Bholi calls someone and says that your luggage is ready. come and take it. Chumki says why did you call Sheru? Do you want to send us back to that place? Bholi says don’t worry about yourself. Charu says that he should go now. I will come later. I need to see Mickey. Water falls from Aarti. Sampoorna got scared. Bholi and Chumki reach her house. Bholi enters. Sampoorna asks if everything is alright. She says that it is Charu. Sampoorna says that she went to the orphanage. Bholi cries. Sampoorna asks what happened. He says that Makke asked me to give you my thing back. Polish says that she stole. She says that she had stolen it before. A year ago, when Bondita and Andirudh had an accident. She told me to give you back what was stolen from you. Are you looking for your goddess? I know where your goddess is.

scene 2
Maki arrives at the orphanage. He searches for everyone. No one is there. He sees that Charus’s trunk is open. He says that Charu will get the real family from him. Charu comes there. She says are you back? He hugs her. She gives him prasad. He hugs her. He says that you will get everything. Didn’t you go to the haveli with Bholi? She says no, she took Chumki there. What happened? Makey says why I trusted him. he falls. He slaps himself. She asks what happened. She says that he broke my trust again. I will not forgive that Bholi.

Bholi takes things and toys out of the accident. Sampoorna is shocked. She says that it is Devi’s dress. It was her doll when the accident happened. They get very excited. Sampoorna crying sand says that it is the same doll. that’s how it is. Bholu shows them the locket. Sampoorna cries. She combines it with Durga’s locket. Sampoorna says where did you get all this? She says the driver gave it to me. Have you met them by accident. All dead, she picks up Devi and takes her to the hospital. Ask Sampoorna, do I swear she’s my goddess? what hospital? Bholi says that you meet him every day. Sampoorna says Charu? Sampurna cries and says I told you so. Durga hugs him and cries. She says please she calls Charu. I want to tell her, she is my goddess. Bholi says here is your goddess. She brings Chumki. She says that Chumki is your goddess. They were surprised. Durga says that Charu is not Devi. Chumki embraces Sampurna. Polish says what game he is playing. Durga says that you are not my goddess. Charu is the goddess. she cries. She says my heart says.

Make says that I will not leave that goddess. Charu asks what happened. She says I’m sorry I led you away from your truth. She says is it true? The door opens. The thugs enter.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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