Durga Aur Charu 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Makay gets arrested

Durga Aur Charu 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Makay gets arrested

Durga Aur Charu 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Makay gets arrested

Durga Aur Charu Jan 4, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Durga says that Chaur is here. Durga embraces him. Durga says you made me wait so long. Charu says that you look very beautiful. Polish brings Makai. He sees the same button on her shirt. Durga says let’s do Durga Puja. Sampoorna gives them aarti. Sampoorna tells Make that her hearts are united. They have a special bond. Makay sees the image of Bondita and Anirudh. He is shocked. Mackay remembers the accident. Does Charu say? Durga and Charu worship together. He smiles seeing her.

Durga says Charu, I have prayed that I want to do the next pooja with my sister devi. Charu says that he will come soon. You are special to Durga Maa. He makes looks at Charu and cries. She asks Durga who he is. She says they are my parents. Makay is surprised. They say she died in the accident. My sister and I were with him. Look at Charu. Remember picking it up. Make says that Charu didn’t get her life because of me. She didn’t care about his sister, but about this house. I’ll make you one. He says Durga you love your sister right? She said yes. She asks you to imagine that you have found her and that she will always be with you. Durga really says? she says how Making is called magic. God will connect you with him. Durga says but… Charu says what are you saying? He takes their hands and tells them to think about the person they love the most. They both think of each other. Makey says that you’re both thinking of each other, right? Their names are linked. Sampoorna comes there. Make tells Sampoorna, I want to talk to Vinay. She says that she is out for something. You can tell me.

scene 2
Bholi asks Chumki where are Make and Charu. She says I don’t know. She says I’m sure they’re in the house. we go. Makey says that she wanted to tell you. Polish says that he is Makey’s kidnapper. That button works. He says that Makey came here to kidnap our Durga. I found this button. Sampoorna says that this cannot be true. Sumona says that Charu must have told her. Makey says not to say a word against my Charu. Polish says arrest him. The police arrest him. Sampoorna says that he cannot be the kidnapper. Charu sees that he is arrested. Charu says what is happening here? Polish tells him to take this kidnapper and thief away. Charu says what are you doing with my dad? she cries. They take her away.

Bholi comes there. He sees Makay being taken to the police station. She hides. Says Bholi… Says let me talk to my wife. She says that all this happened because of you. She says ask me to arrest them. She says family…they are Charu’s real family. Bholi is shocked. What does she say? He says that Charu is Durga’s real sister. What does Bholi say? He says that I found it in an accident. Durga was also alive there. I couldn’t see it. He says please tell Sampoorna and Binoy and unite them. I have your things in my trunk, you will recognize it. Charu is the goddess of him. They take her away. Bholi laughed.

scene 3
Sumona says to get her out. Charu says I’ll take my dad. He is not a thief. She tells Sampoorna please trust me. My father is not a thief. Sumona says don’t do this drama. We have proof. She says yes, we came here, but… Sumona says then? Sampuram says that the stop is Sumona. Sampoorna asks why you came here. Durga asks to meet me. Charu sees her and cries. Durga says that he came here to meet me. It was night, so Makay came with her. Sumona says why didn’t you say so? She says that she was afraid of the police. Charu also got scared. Sumona says that now you are lying like her? Binoy says enough. He says thanks Polash but Durga told us the truth. We believe him in the end. He says that Charu Maake will be out. Polish says but… says stop. I’m still researching the timeline. I’m looking for proof. They go Durga and Charu worship together. Charu hugs Durga and cries.

Binoy says that if Durga and Charu had told me, I would have stopped him. But why didn’t Makey say anything? Sampoorna says that she wanted to talk to you. Binoy says I’ll ask him. Pooja continues. Bholi says that everything is luck. Maake had to tell me the truth. Chumki says that Charu will have a good life now. Bholi says no, my luck has become lighter. Look what I do now. Bholi goes home and takes out Charu’s belongings. He receives a medallion. This is called Durga and Charu.

Charu says you saved my dad. Durga says that he is also my family. Charu says thank you very much. Durga says don’t say that. Charu says I hope my dad comes out. Durga says that he will do it, then we will be together. forever. Bholi says that it means Make was right. I will take such a price that he cannot even imagine. She says that all the money is in my destiny, not his. Chumki says what are you planning? She says good time. Durga gives the locket from him to Charu. She says it’s from my mother. It looks like it was made for you. They hug.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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