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Durga Aur Charu 24th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Bholi tries to kill Charu

Durga Aur Charu Jan 24, 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on UttarPradeshLive.Com

scene 1
Bholi says to do. I. She laughs. Charu says tell her what you did with her. stop laughing. Bholi says that you are going to lose even today. Some men come and arrest Charu. Charu says leave me. Who are you? Durga is worried. He is Bholi’s man. Bholi says that he thought that he would come unprepared? Bholi says that I will tell you the truth about your father. Durga runs to find Charu. She says Charu. Nobody is there Binoy says to be careful Durga. Durga thinks where is Charu. She sees a bottle. Durga is worried about him. Sampoorna says come on please. who are you looking for?

Charu says Bholi tell me where is my father. Bholi ties him up. Bholi says that the day they came to the orphanage, I asked her to take money from the haveli. He slapped me. I hit his head on the ground but he didn’t die and he ran away. Charu cries. Charu cries and says that it means my father is alive. she cries. Charu says that I will find my father. Bholi says if he doesn’t die then I will kill him and you too. You two can talk in heaven. They pour gasoline around him. Bholi sets fire around her. Charu yells for help. Durga prays for Charu. Binoy says why is she so worried. Charu yells for help. She says Durga save me.

A man comes there and sees Charu in the fire. He throws water at her and saves her. He says thank God that she is alive. Charu passes out. This is Maake. She starts to rain.

scene 2
Bholi comes home. She asks where is Bholi. Bholi says that he was at home. What happened? Who did I hurt? Durga says Charu. what did you do with her Binoy says Charu? Makey says that the girl is better. She would ask him who did this to him and why. He doesn’t recognize her. He goes out to get water. Charu wakes up. She looks around her. Charu says where am I and who saved me? She says I have to go home. I have to go home before Durga can say anything. Exit Charu. She says that I should thank the person who saved me. But I guess I’ll have to go.

Durga asks where is Charu. Today you met Charu in the forest. What does Samorna say? Durga says yes, she met Charu in the forest. She took you there to show you what she did to Makay. He is innocent. Bholi committed all the sins. Charu says I have to go to haveli. Where I am? She doesn’t see Make. He is collecting water behind him. He spills water. Charu looks back.

end the episode

Update Credits: Atiba

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