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Doosri Maa 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ashok decides to leave the house with Krishna and Yashoda

Maa 2nd Episode Written 9th Nov 2022, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

The episode begins with Yashoda telling Amma that she will not enter the house, but she will not go either. She says that she will sit there because her maternal uncle left her there and she doesn’t want to go back. She says that you brought me here as a bride and that you will take me inside. She says that until then I will sit here. Kamini asks Bansal to come. They go. Arvind Bhabhi says. Mahua takes it with her. Aastha and Nupur see Yashoda and Krishna. Ashok says that he told her that this house would be demolished. Krishna and Yashoda are sitting outside. Babuji reminds Yashoda and Ashok to bring Krishna home and becomes furious. Bansal and Kamini happily look at the notes they received from Lalita. Arvind watches them from the window. Ashok is sad. Yashoda and Krishna are still sitting outside. Krishna asks where shall we go? Ashoka comes out and asks Yashoda to answer Krishna. He asks her to answer. He asks what you want to try by sitting here. He says that I have already said that the family members will not agree. He says that he will talk to the judge. Yashoda says that the judge will agree each time. Ashok asks her to think about Aastha and Nupur. Yashoda says they are my daughters, they will stay with me. She asks if you will stay with me. Krishna asks Ashok to send me back to the children’s home. He says that my father had left my mother and she was very lonely. He tells her not to leave Yashoda, but he sends her back there.

Ashok runs to the bathroom and washes his face. He calls her a coward and tells her that Mala dared to give birth to Krishna and raised him. He says that Yashoda is brave to stand by her side, and Krishna is also brave to stand firm in difficult times. He cries and says that he couldn’t save himself. He thinks that he will not be weak but will support Yashoda as the reflection of him. Babu ji asks Amma why he is not going and makes fun of her. Amma says what else can I do. Ashok arrives there and confronts his parents with a heart of stone. Babu ji says that we can’t let anyone play with our sanskars and says that Yashoda can come here, not the boy. Ashok asks Amma to explain. Amma says that Yashoda did not listen to me and blames herself. She says that she doesn’t know whose trash she throws out here. Ashok says enough. Babu ji says that this is my last decision, she can stay here alone. Ashok says okay, I’ll leave your house with Aastha and Nupur. Amma says that she is leaving home because of the orphan. Babu ji says that this will be a problem as the house is covered by Ashok’s salary. Amma says that she worries about money. Babuji says then what to do? He says that he won’t stop her.

Ashok asks Aastha and Nupur to pack their belongings. He says that he will not leave the house and says if he hurts us. Ashok tells them that Krishna is not guilty and asks them to trust him. Amma goes to Ashok and emotionally blackmails him. She says that Aastha and Nupur will not go with you. Ashok asks why you want them to stay, so you can make fun of them for a grandson. Amma says that she loves her granddaughters very much. Kamini says that the secret is bigger and she will reveal it. Bansal asks him to go there and find out. Kamini wonders who Devaki is. She comes to Yashoda and says that you still insist on sitting here. She asks Yashoda to send her and asks what her relationship with her is. Yashoda says that she has a human relationship with him. Kamini questions if she is risking her relationship for them. Yashoda says that he does not mean. Kamini entered. Everyone is worried.

Precap: Ashok leaves the house with his daughters and asks Yashoda to come over. He says we will take a house and stay there. Yashoda says that I will not leave there and pass out. Babuji is still inside. The neighbor calls Babuji to come out. Ashoka and Krishna sprinkle water on Yashoda’s face.

Update Credits: H Hassan

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